Does Dollar General Do Background Checks? (Full Guide)

You’ve decided to apply for a job at Dollar General, but you may have some worries. Maybe you have a speeding ticket from a couple of years ago or something more serious that makes you nervous about applying for a job.

Most likely, you’re concerned about whether or not Dollar General conducts background checks and, if so, what that could mean for your hiring chances. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I found out!

Does Dollar General Do Background Checks In [currentyear]?

Dollar General conducts background checks on each applicant during the hiring process without exception as of [currentyear]. A background check will uncover criminal history, driving offenses, and other crimes. Anyone applying for a job at Dollar General should be honest during the interview, as having a record doesn’t prevent you from getting hired.

For more answers to questions about Dollar General’s background check process and whether or not you can prepare for it, keep reading!

How Long Do Background Checks Take At Dollar General?

Once you’ve applied, it usually takes about a week for Dollar General to finish a background check. However, this may vary from state to state or store to store, so keep that in mind.

What Do Dollar General Background Checks Look For?

The purpose of background checks at Dollar General is to search for information in the following categories:

  • Criminal history (including convictions, not necessarily non-convictions)
  • Verifying information on your application to make sure you are truthful
  • Credit report
  • Driving records

Along with a background check, Dollar General will perform a pre-employment drug test.

So, if you have any sort of criminal background, it’s a good idea to have a document put together with all of your criminal history explained in writing.

Of course, make sure it’s factual and honest with court documents included.

How Far Back Do Dollar General Background Checks Go?

How Far Back Do Dollar General Background Checks Go?

Each state has different laws to mandate how far back an employer can or cannot go into someone’s background.

In some places, seven years is as far back as employers go when looking at criminal history.

However, there’s no limit in some states as to how far back an employer may go to look for specific felonies during a background check.

But, the exception would be a criminal conviction that has been expunged, as a background check wouldn’t disclose these records.

What Types Of Convictions Keep A Person From Getting Hired At Dollar General?

While Dollar General does hire felons, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll clear someone with a criminal background for employment.

With that, certain past convictions are likely to keep someone from being hired at Dollar General, including:

  • Theft (working with cash and inventory makes it difficult for Dollar General to overlook theft)
  • Violent crimes such as assault (the nature of working with people demands that store associates keep their cool)

Still, there may be other “red flags” that would also give an employer pause.

For example, these might include obvious lying on an application or behavior in the interview that would be unacceptable in the workplace.

Can I Run My Own Background Check Ahead Of Time?

Yes, if you want to see what an employer may find, it might be a good idea to run a background check on yourself. With that, various services can help you do a background check on yourself.

Also, some of the background check services are free, while others require payment.

How Does Someone With An Expunged Record Answer Application Questions About Their Criminal Record?

Expunging a criminal record is when the court essentially clears a criminal record away. Put differently, it gives a former criminal a “clean slate,” so to speak.

So, if an application asks if someone has a criminal record, in most cases, the applicant can say no if their record was expunged.

However, not all crimes are eligible for expungement. But, lesser charges can often be dependent on your state’s laws. So, it may be worth investigating to find out if it’s possible for you.

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Dollar General runs background checks on every single applicant during the hiring process, with categories covering criminal history, driving record, and a drug test.

Also, anyone concerned about this may choose to run their own background check to see what information Dollar General may discover.

If a criminal record is sure to be brought up, it’s best to be open and honest about it in the interview process. Also, a written document explaining your record is a smart idea.

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