Does Dollar General Prosecute Shoplifters? (Warning)

The constant expansion and opening of new Dollar General stores are helping to make it one of the most popular retailers in America, which has also unfortunately made them a target for shoplifters.

To combat this, Dollar General has numerous procedures in place that allow for the deterrent, and apprehension of shoplifters in their stores. So if you are wondering if Dollar General prosecutes shoplifters, you’re in the right place.

Does Dollar General Prosecute Shoplifters?

Dollar General will prosecute shoplifters in their stores for various crimes, such as misdemeanor charges like petty theft to pursuing serious charges of robbery. Dollar General also has a network of CCTV cameras and remote staff to monitor their stores which are used as proof to prosecute theft.

To learn more about how Dollar General handles loss prevention and how Dollar General staff are trained to deal with shoplifters, then keep reading!

How Does Dollar General Prosecute Shoplifters?

There is no general, nationally applicable policy that determines the way that Dollar General prosecutes shoplifters. 

How the thousands of different Dollar General stores press charges and prosecute will depend on the shoplifting laws of the state each store is in.

All 50 states categorize theft in different waysusually in terms of how much money the theft was worth and the severity of the crime.

So, if a shoplifter steals products of a high value and also causes damages elsewhere on the premises, they will face a stricter sentence.

However, since the items that Dollar General sells are such a low price, shoplifters are unlikely to ever face felony theft charges, no matter what state they are in.

Felony theft charges are more severe and are usually applied when the value of the goods stolen is above $500 to $1000.

To find out more about how Dollar General prosecutes shoplifters, you can look up the shoplifting laws of your state.

How Long After Shoplifting from Dollar General Can I Be Arrested?

Shoplifting from places such as Dollar General is often classed as a misdemeanor, as many items are priced between $1-$10 and do not amount to more significant charges.

However, this means Dollar General can prosecute you and press charges against you for an entire year after shoplifting.

Dollar General’s CCTV camera system makes it easier to catch active shoplifters and provide hard evidence to police of the crime that occurred.

How Does Dollar General Prevent Shoplifting?

Dollar General implements in-store security cameras that are monitored on-site and off-site. Agents off-site can communicate with Dollar General employees in cases of suspected theft.

Additionally, off-site agents can make announcements over the store loudspeakers about the presence of cameras to deter theft.

Employees at Dollar General also have two-way phones and panic buttons, which will contact the local police for help in an emergency.

What Security Systems Does Dollar General Use?

Dollar General is known for using Interface Security Systems (since 2011), whose website boasts that they can reduce security costs by 88% for a safer shopping environment.

Dollar General also works with the company iVerify for monitoring in-store. This can help provide Dollar General with crucial video evidence to capture and prosecute shoplifters if robberies occur.

Can Dollar General Staff Apprehend Shoplifters?

In Dollar General’s Shoplifting Policy, it is stated employees should not leave the store in pursuit of a shoplifter and should never touch a shoplifter.

To keep themselves safe, Dollar General staff are advised not to intervene in cases of shoplifting.

Instead, employees who suspect shoplifting can alert their colleagues and contact the local police using the panic button.

Alternatively, off-site security can assess the situation and instruct employees to take safety precautions.

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Yes, if you are caught stealing from Dollar General, you will likely face repercussions such as permanent banning from the premises, police custody, and in severe cases, prosecution.

Dollar General predominantly uses security cameras that on-site and off-site security guards monitor to prevent loss and danger to employees.

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