Dollar General Shoplifting Policy (All You Need To Know)

Dollar General stores are competitively priced to help save shoppers money and save time by shopping close by. 

However, they also attract many shoplifters, so how does Dollar General deal with the theft of its merchandise? Here’s all you need to know about Dollar General’s shoplifting policy!

Dollar General Shoplifting Policy

Dollar General has in-store surveillance systems to deter shoplifters, and each store has the capacity to charge shoplifters in line with the laws of the state it’s in. However, in Dollar General’s written shoplifting policy, it is stated that no employee should ever touch a shoplifter or leave the store to go after a shoplifter. 

Want more information on how Dollar General tracks shoplifters and its policy? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

How Does Dollar General Track Shoplifters?

Dollar General’s low-priced products attract shoplifters since there’s very little security around them. 

As such, the company has invested in interactive security monitoring services to prevent further losses of merchandise and profit.

The security monitoring systems include surveillance cameras, which are watched by offsite agents. 

If these agents note any suspicious activityDollar General’s employees will be notifiedso that they can communicate to the shoppers over the loudspeaker that there are cameras.

The security services also include panic buttons and two-way phones, designed to help employees in distress.

However, the surveillance systems do not have facial recognition technology (like Walmart is using).

So, while it is possible to track shoplifters inside Dollar General’s storesit is not possible to attain their identity using surveillance cameras.

Does Dollar General Have Cameras Outside?

No, Dollar General does not have security cameras outside their stores. So, if a shoplifter gets away, there is no way to determine what mode of transportation they took or which direction they went in.

This might seem like a flaw in Dollar General’s surveillance system.

But, since Dollar General employees are told not to go after shoplifters after they leave the store for their own safety, there is also little need to track the direction of a shoplifter once they are off the premises. 

Does Dollar General Have Loss Prevention?

Does Dollar General Have Loss Prevention?

Yes, Dollar General does have loss prevention and employs loss prevention managers and director generals at regional and divisional levels. 

Their job is to protect Dollar General stores against losses accumulated by loss of inventoryShoplifting is a big part of the role.

Loss prevention employees will advise on security measuresinvestigate instances of theft, and coordinate with Dollar General management and government agencies to ensure that all loss prevention tactics are appropriate and legal.

According to some of Dollar General’s past loss prevention employeesmost of the measures put in place in-store would come after a shoplifting incident had already taken place.

Does Dollar General Have Security Guards?

Yes, Dollar General does have security guards present. The company tends to increase security guard presence in areas where theft is prevalent. You will often find guards stationed at the store’s public entrance or exit.

Can Dollar General Staff Carry Firearms to Prevent Shoplifting?

Dollar General forbids staff members to carry firearms while on duty, even in the interest of self-defense. In addition, they can not use firearms as prevention against theft or other store-related crimes.

Possession of firearms or similar weapons by members of the Dollar General team will result in immediate termination.

Do Dollar General Staff Lone-Trade?

While Dollar General staff may lone-trade during operating hours, the Dollar General 2019 employee handbook states that a minimum of two employees must be active participants in the closing process to maximize their safety.

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The Dollar General shoplifting policy states that employees should not touch suspected shoplifters, or go after them once they have left the store. There are, however, security measures in place that help to deter and prevent theft in Dollar General stores. These include surveillance systems that track suspected shoplifters.

Any customers that are caught shoplifting at Dollar General store will be prosecuted in line with the laws of the state in which they committed the crime.   

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