Does Dollar General Sell Eggs? (All You Need To Know)

It happens to almost everybody: you go to the fridge to grab a couple of eggs for a recipe and realize you’re all out. But in many areas, grocery stores aren’t as convenient as the local Dollar General.

So you might be asking, does Dollar General sell eggs? I was curious about the same thing and decided to research the matter. Here’s everything I discovered!

Does Dollar General Sell Eggs In [currentyear]?

Eggs and other perishable grocery staples are available at many Dollar General stores as of [currentyear]. While not all Dollar General stores currently have refrigerator sections, the company is rapidly remodeling its older stores to include refrigerator and freezer sections. In addition, Dollar General aims to sell 100% cage-free eggs by the year 2025.

If you still have questions about Dollar General’s eggs, like where it gets them, how much they cost, and more, then keep reading!

What Brand Of Eggs Does Dollar General Sell?

Dollar General carries Clover Valley eggs or Dollar General’s store brand for food items. With that, Dollar General doesn’t sell any other brands of eggs.

Further, Clover Valley brand eggs have pretty good reviews from customers and are comparable to the most familiar brands of eggs from other supermarkets.

However, whether or not Clover Valley eggs will be the brand name of the cage-free eggs from Dollar General in the future is unclear.

How Much Do Eggs Cost At Dollar General?

While some food items are admittedly better at a supermarket or other store, eggs are actually a good deal at Dollar General.

With that, the approximate price of eggs at Dollar General is around $1.35. In comparison, this is as good, and in many cases better, than the price of eggs at most grocery stores.

Also, Dollar General is on track to sell only cage-free eggs by 2025, which is a positive change that might affect the lower egg prices, but time will tell.

Is It Safe To Buy Eggs From Dollar General?

Is It Safe To Buy Eggs From Dollar General?

While buying fresh food such as eggs from a dollar store can seem risky, the fact is that Clover Valley eggs are safe and fresh, with good reviews overall for taste and quality.

Like any egg purchase, it’s always smart to open the egg carton before purchasing to check for cracked eggs. Also, always check the expiration date on the egg carton before buying.

Can You Buy Other Common Grocery Items At Dollar General?

Dollar General is quickly becoming a viable grocery store option for many people across the country with its wide selection of food items.

Moreover, Dollar General is an affordable option for buying everyday food staples. Besides eggs, Dollar General carries milk, baking ingredients, and much more at low prices.

Further, it can sell quality grocery items at lower prices because it’s often in lower-priced rent locations, which helps Dollar General keep costs down. 

Why Do Dollar General Stores Carry Eggs And Other Groceries?

Some might be curious why dollar stores such as Dollar General would be venturing more and more into the grocery business.

Well, part of the answer is that it just makes sense financially. More and more, people rely on the convenience and affordability of buying food at a dollar-type store.

Therefore, this trend has helped Dollar General make some impressive profits.

Also, selling groceries helps Dollar General meet a growing need for food supplies in so-called food deserts or neighborhoods where grocery stores are scarce.

As you can imagine, people appreciate being able to stop by conveniently located, compact stores such as Dollar General, where they can quickly find various items they need including eggs and other groceries.

Does Dollar General Plan To Expand Its Grocery Area?

Yes, plans are well underway for every Dollar General store to include coolers. With that, these coolers would allow all Dollar General stores to offer much more food items.

Moreover, it’s almost certain that Dollar General will be in the fresh food selling business for many years to come.

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Dollar General sells eggs produced under its store brand, Clover Valley. Also, the eggs from Dollar General are high quality, fresh, and very low priced.

In addition, Dollar General is moving in the positive direction of selling 100% cage-free eggs by the year 2025 in all of its stores.

Along with this goal, it’s expanding its fresh food selection overall.

In conclusion, Dollar General’s many healthy food choices are a great step toward offering good food at low prices to all areas of the country, even those in areas known as food deserts.

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