Dollar General Return Policy [All You Need To Know] 

With a vast variety of merchandise on offer at such affordable pricesshoppers have plenty of products to choose from when shopping at Dollar General. 

But, how can customers return items if they’re unsatisfied? I’ve done my research – this is everything you need to know!

Dollar General Return Policy

Dollar General’s returns policy states that you have 30 days to return any items purchased in-store or online. When returning items in-store at Dollar General, you will need the receipt of purchase. Once an item has been returned, customers can either get a full refund or receive the refund amount on a gift card

Want to know about returning items to Dollar General?

Read on for more information on Dollar General’s returns policy, including different stores’ criteria for returns and how to get a refund without a receipt!

How To Return An Item At Dollar General?

There are separate returns policies for items purchased in Dollar General stores and on the website. 

So, customers wanting to return items they purchased in person must take them back to a Dollar General store. An employee will process their refund at the register.

To return an item ordered from the Dollar General websiteshoppers will first need to contact Customer Services.

They will then be given return instructions and receive a unique Returns Authorization number. From there, they must:

  • Package the item in its original packaging, if possible, or some other secure packaging if not.  
  • Include their order number, billing name, and address with the item.  
  • Ship the item to the address provided by the Customer Service team.

For more information, check out the online returns information on the Dollar General website. Bear in mind that refunds for online orders cannot be processed in-store, and vice versa!

How Long Do You Have To Return An Item To Dollar General?

How To Return An Item At Dollar General?

The Dollar General website states that customers have 30 days to return items they purchased online, as long as they are still in good condition.

But, while the returns window for online purchases is clear, there is conflicting information on how long shoppers have to return items they bought from a Dollar General store! 

In some instances, there have been reports that customers were able to return products within 90 days of purchase.

Can You Return An Item To Dollar General Without A Receipt?

If you want to get a full refund for a return at Dollar General, you will need your receipt. Otherwise, Dollar General employees will not be able to issue your refund to the original payment method.

However, it is still possible to return products to Dollar General store, even if you lose your receipt!

If this is the case, you will either receive the refund amount on a Dollar General gift card, or be given the opportunity to exchange the item for another product of the same or lesser value.

Can You Return Used Items To Dollar General?

You can return used products you bought in-store or online at, as long as they are in good, working condition. 

Preferably, they should still be in their original packaging and must have all paperwork, parts, and accessories still included.

If you attempt to return a used item that no longer works or is not in its original packaging, you may be denied a refund!

You are more likely to get a refund on a used item in-store, although whether you do could be down to the discretion of the employee you talk to.

How To Return Damaged Or Defected Items To Dollar General?

If you order an item from the Dollar General website that arrives damaged or defectiveyou must contact Customer Services within 30 days of delivery

They can issue a refund and may be able to cover your return shipping chargesGet in touch on 877-463-1553.

They will need to know the product’s order number and item number, which you can find on your original confirmation email.

Can You Return Gifts To Dollar General?

Can You Return Gifts To Dollar General?

It is possible to return gifts to Dollar General, even if you did not purchase the item yourselfHowever, store credit will be issued instead of a full refund, and to the original purchaser.

Are There Any Items That Cannot Be Returned To Dollar General?

While you can return most items bought either in-store or online at Dollar General, there are some exceptionsFor one thing, alcohol can only be returned to the location it was purchased from, and only if it remains unopened.

Further, Dollar General will not accept returns on cigarettes or any other tobacco products, even if they have not been openedYou also cannot get a return on gift cards, prepaid cards, and gift wrapping services.

Most other items will be accepted for returns, as long as they are in good condition and returned with all original paperwork, parts, and accessories.

To learn more, you can also read up on Dollar General’s shoplifting policy, if Dollar General sells alcohol, and if Dollar General sells gift cards.


You can return most of the items you purchase either in-store or online at Dollar Generalas long as they meet certain criteriaFor instance, whether or not they have been used, items must still be in good condition and, if possible, returned in their original packaging.

When returning an item in-store, you will get a full refund, as long as you have your receipt. Without a receipt, you will instead receive the refund amount on a gift card. For online returnsany shipping charges will be deducted from your total refund amount.

For more information on returning items at Dollar General, visit the “Returns” page on their website. Or, you can call up your local store to find out more about their specific returns policy.  

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