Does Family Dollar Sell Microwaves? (All You Need To Know)

You can find all kinds of household items, groceries, clothing, toys, and gifts at Family Dollar stores. In fact, Family Dollar even sells small kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee makers.

If you’re looking for kitchen appliances for your home or office, you may be wondering if Family Dollar sells microwaves. I’ve looked into the matter, so you don’t have to! Here’s what I found out!

Does Family Dollar Sell Microwaves In 2024?

Family Dollar doesn’t sell microwaves in its stores or online as of 2024. However, at Family Dollar stores, you can find many other small kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee makers, blenders, electric cooktops, and slow cookers. Also, shoppers can find reasonably-priced microwaves at many other popular stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Costco.

To find out more about what kitchen appliances you can buy at Family Dollar stores and where to find microwaves for sale at reasonable prices, keep on reading!

Can You Buy A Microwave At Family Dollar?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy a microwave at Family Dollar. Also, most other dollar stores like Dollar General don’t sell microwaves either.

However, you can buy a range of microwaveable foods, as well as microwave dishes and storage containers at Family Dollar stores.

Even though you can’t buy a microwave at Family Dollar, you can find several other small kitchen appliances to make your daily tasks easier.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a microwave, consider checking bigger retail stores like Walmart, Costco, and Target, just to name a few.

Does Family Dollar Sell Kitchen Appliances?

Having the right appliances in your kitchen can help you get through your day more efficiently.

Also, basic kitchen appliances like blenders and food processors make cooking and eating healthier meals easier.

Further, if you’re looking for basic small kitchen appliances like food processors and coffee makers, you can find these at Family Dollar stores and online at

Additionally, some of the small kitchen appliances you can find at Family Dollar include:

  • Coffee maker
  • Slow cooker
  • Blender
  • Toaster
  • Can opener
  • Hand mixer
  • Single burner electric cooktop

Does Family Dollar Sell Blenders?

Does Family Dollar Sell Blenders?

Yes, Family Dollar sells Bella Basic brand blenders, which cost about $15 for a personal blender and $22 for a ten-speed model.

Does Family Dollar Sell Toasters?

A good toaster is essential to get an excellent start to your day, and you’ll be happy to learn that Family Dollar stores do sell toasters.

With that, you can get a Bella Basics two-slice toaster for around $11 at Family Dollar stores or online.

Where Can I Buy A Cheap Microwave?

If you’re looking for a low-cost microwave, there are plenty of retailers you can check out both online and in stores.

For example, these are some of the major retailers that sell microwaves at affordable prices:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Lowe’s

At these stores, you’ll find a range of microwaves, from simple ones that can handle the basics to chef-quality ovens that coordinate with other kitchen appliances like stoves and refrigerators.

How Much Does A Microwave Cost?

There’s a wide range of prices for microwaves, which can start at under $50. However, higher-end microwaves can cost hundreds of dollars.

Further, here are some of the starting prices you can expect to pay for a microwave at popular retail stores:

  • Walmart: $44.98
  • Amazon: $45
  • Target: $49.99
  • Best Buy: $59.99

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Unfortunately, Family Dollar doesn’t sell microwaves, but it sells many other small appliances that you can use in the kitchen.

Also, you can find many microwave accessories and microwaveable foods at Family Dollar.

To buy a microwave oven, it’s best to check out larger retail stores like Walmart, Costco, Target, and Amazon.

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