Family Dollar Shoplifting Policy (All You Need To Know)

In difficult times, dollar stores like Family Dollar become targets for shoplifting because, most of the time, they don’t have the best security.

Shoplifting may seem like a minor crime, but it can lead to dangerous situations and even a police record if the shoplifter is caught. If you’ve been wondering what the Family Dollar shoplifting policy is like, look no further. I did some research and found everything you need to know!

What Is The Family Dollar Shoplifting Policy In [currentyear]?

If Family Dollar identifies any shoplifters, the staff will ask them to replace the stolen items and leave the store as of [currentyear]. However, Family Dollar employees aren’t supposed to follow shoplifters outside the store. Also, police may be alerted, and shoplifters will be prosecuted, depending on the value of the stolen property.

If you’re curious about the Family Dollar shoplifting policy, if it prosecutes shoplifters, and more, keep on reading!

Does Family Dollar Track Shoplifters?

Dollar stores like Family Dollar are a frequent target for shoplifters because these types of stores don’t have very elaborate security measures in place.

Still, Family Dollar equips most stores with surveillance cameras, but the cameras have many blind spots.

Further, surveillance cameras have to be monitored by staff, who may be busy with other tasks.

In addition, Family Dollar merchandise doesn’t have security tags, making it easier for shoplifters to sneak items out of the store.

However, many stores do have loss prevention officers, whose job is to keep track of shoplifters and handle any problems that arise.

What Other Security Measures Do Family Dollar Stores Use?

Like many other retail stores, Family Dollar asks staff to greet customers as they enter, letting them know that they have been seen and their presence in the store is noted.

Also, Family Dollar employees may make occasional announcements about the aisles where customers are browsing to let them know they’re being observed.

At different times, individual stores have implemented various security policies like locking doors at night after 9 pm.

Additionally, there are reports of Family Dollar stores staff asking customers to remove hoodies before entering the store and checking bags and purses.

How Do Family Dollar Employees Deal With Shoplifters?

How Do Family Dollar Employees Deal With Shoplifters?

Family Dollar doesn’t have many security measures, but if employees become aware that a customer is shoplifting, they may confront the shoplifter.

With that, the first effort is to force the shoplifter to replace the merchandise and leave the store. Often, it’s the store manager who confronts the shoplifter.

However, Family Dollar employees, even loss prevention officers, are not supposed to touch the shoplifter or follow them outside the store.

Moreover, Family Dollar doesn’t let employees follow shoplifters because the situation can quickly escalate, leading to injuries to some or all parties.

Further, if there are any injuries on Family Dollar property, the company is held liable.

If the shoplifter does leave the store, employees can call the police. Then, if police can identify and locate the shoplifter, they’ll be arrested and booked.

Does Family Dollar Prosecute Shoplifters?

Individual states make laws about prosecuting shoplifting. Therefore, Family Dollar will prosecute shoplifters to the extent provided by state laws.

Further, if the police identify and track down shoplifters at Family Dollar, they’ll face several consequences of increasing severity.

Additionally, police may issue a letter to the shoplifter forbidding them to enter that store again.

In some cases, depending on the value of the items stolen, Family Dollar may prosecute, which will lead to criminal penalties and a permanent record for the shoplifter.

Does Family Dollar Have Security Guards?

No, Family Dollar stores typically don’t have security guards. However, Family Dollar does have loss prevention officers who can intervene if they find a shoplifter inside the store.

Usually, loss prevention officers are posted in stores when there have been thefts in the neighborhood.

Of course, if Family Dollar employees feel unsafe or threatened by a customer, they can call the police for help.

Can Family Dollar Loss Prevention Officers Chase A Shoplifter Outside The Store?

No, loss prevention officers cannot chase shoplifters once they’re outside a Family Dollar store.

Further, this is because of the potential dangers. For example, the shoplifter may have a weapon or run into a moving vehicle while fleeing.

Also, innocent people may get hurt, and the store will be held liable for any injuries.

For all of these reasons, loss prevention officers are not allowed to get into physical altercations with shoplifters.

Instead, if a confrontation looks like it’s getting out of hand, the loss prevention officer or other store employees should simply let the shoplifter leave.

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Currently, the Family Dollar shoplifting policy is to prosecute shoplifters as far as possible under state laws.

However, store employees are advised against confrontations with shoplifters to avoid escalation and injuries.

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