Does France Have McDonald’s? (All You Need To Know)

Everyone around the world has probably heard of McDonald’s at one point or another. However, not every country has quick access to a McDonald’s like people in the United States do.

So, if you’ve ever wondered whether or not there’s McDonald’s in France, look no further for answers! I’ve researched the topic, and here’s everything I discovered!

Does France Have McDonald’s?

France does have McDonald’s, and with over 1,400 McDonald’s locations, France has the 12th most restaurants by country. In France, they call McDonald’s McDo, and it’s becoming a fairly popular fast food restaurant with 73 locations in Paris. You can find food items such as Premio au Parmesan, Chicken Shake, Beer, and Le P’tit Moutarde.

If you want to learn more about McDonald’s in France, like how popular the fast-food chain is in the country, then keep on reading!

What Is McDonald’s Called in France?

In France, McDonald’s is called McDo, which you pronounce as “Mac Dough.”

Furthermore, it’s very common for other countries to call McDonald’s by another name, whether it’s easier to pronounce or comes from the specialty items served in that country.

In the case of France, “McDo” comes from the fact that the people felt invaded by American cuisine and didn’t want it to delegitimize authentic French cuisine.

How Popular Is McDonald’s in France?

McDonald’s has grown in popularity over the years, with the fast-food restaurant growing five to ten times faster than the French economy.

How Many McDonald’s Are in France?

There are more than 1,400 McDonald’s locations in France, with Paris having 73 stores alone!

Additionally, Marseille has 15 McDonald’s locations, Toulouse has 13 locations, and Lyon has 11 sites.

That said, France has the 12th highest number of McDonald’s locations globally by country, which is a fairly big deal and a huge hit in cities like Paris.

When Did France Get McDonald’s?

The first McDonald’s location opened in France on June 30, 1972, and it’s called McDonald’s France since it’s a subsidiary.

Furthermore, the first location opened in a suburb of Paris called Creteil.

Still, it wasn’t successful and closed quickly, as the people were fighting the Americanization of France and didn’t like it.

However, in 1979 McDonald’s opened another restaurant in Strasbourg, France, which was able to survive and remain open.

What Is On the McDonald’s Menu in France?

What Is On The McDonald's Menu In France?

As with most countries, you’ll find traditional McDonald’s food in France and many menu items that specifically cater to the French palette and celebrate French cuisine.

The McCafe in France Offers Delectable Baked Goods

In France, you’ll find that the McCafe offers a huge selection of baked goods that are a part of French culture, such as macaron and Parisian Flan.

On top of French baked goods, you’ll find traditional desserts there, too, including cheesecake, donuts, varieties of cookies, pies, and muffins.

Crumble & Poire Williams Sundae

Crumble & Poire Williams Sundae is a soft-serve ice cream with pear syrup that features a delicious crumble on top.

Further, the pear syrup is made from a pear liqueur called Piore Williams, using Bartlett pears.

Premio Au Parmesan

The Premio au Parmesanis a higher-quality item at McDonald’s in France and goes with Italian cuisine.

With that, it has a beef patty, seasoned diced tomatoes, Batavia lettuce, creamy sauce, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, all in between a ciabatta bun!

Pommes Frites Sauce

If you want to dip your fries, you have more than just ketchup to use because France offers Pommes Frites Sauce, a special dipping sauce just for fries!

Further, this sauce is like a combination of aioli and malt vinegar, so it’s a little tangy, sweet, and sour all in one.

Bread and Jam

You can get bread and jam for breakfast at French McDonald’s locations, with jam flavors like orange, raspberry, and apricot.


Believe it or not, you can order a can of beer at all McDonald’s locations in France!

Chicken Shake

The Chicken Shake is not a milkshake. But instead, it’s two breaded strips of chicken, a bag, and a shaking powder.

To enjoy the best, simply dump the ingredients in the bag and shake for a yummy and filling meal!

Additionally, the shaking powder comes in barbeque flavor, curry, or provencal (onions, parsley, garlic, and dried tomatoes). 

Le P’tit Moutarde

The Le P’tit Moutarde means “the small mustard.” That said, this sandwich is a regular McDonald’s beef patty with tomato and a fancy mustard sauce.

Also, it’s served on a ciabatta bun, so it’s a little fancier than the regular McDonald’s burger.

Is McDonald’s Expensive in France?

Unfortunately, if you go to a McDonald’s in France, you’re going to be paying a lot of money because ordering a meal costs an average of nine Euros.

With that, the average price for a meal makes French McDonald’s locations the priciest in the world!

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