Does Russia Have McDonald’s? (Your Full Guide)

McDonald’s is the second-largest fast-food restaurant globally, but have you ever wondered where you can find McDonald’s in the world?

Many people wonder if Russia has McDonald’s, and if so, is it a fast-food restaurant that a lot of people visit? I’m going to answer those questions and more!

Does Russia Have McDonald’s?

Russia has over 750 McDonald’s restaurants, and it’s in over 60 of the 80 regions within the country. The restaurant serves thousands of people every day. Also, McDonald’s first opened in Russia on January 31, 1990, during the final months of the Soviet Union, and now 98% of supplies are sourced locally within the country.

Have you ever wondered when McDonald’s opened in Russia or what it serves? I’m going to tell you all about these facts below, so keep reading!

When Did McDonald’s Open in Russia?

McDonald’s opened in Russia on January 31, 1990, and the first location was in Pushkin Square, which is inside Moscow.

Furthermore, when McDonald’s first opened, it was estimated that 38,000 people stood in line to try the famous McDonald’s burgers.

During the first McDonald’s opening, Russia broke records, serving more people in one day than McDonald’s had ever done in the past!

Today, around 98% of all supplies needed for McDonald’s are sourced locally, providing many jobs for people in Russia.

What Does McDonald’s Serve in Russia?

McDonald’s serves some unique menu items that you’ll find exclusively in Russia, so it’s worth visiting a McDonald’s if you happen to be in Russia.

Shrimp Roll

If you like shrimp, you’ll love the Shrimp Roll available at Russian McDonald’s locations. That said, the Shrimp Roll is a light lunch or dinner item that won’t weigh you down!

Furthermore, the Shrimp Roll is similar to wraps sold in America, with the shrimp being fried and rolled in a tortilla that includes lettuce, a special sauce, and onions.

The combo meal will cost you $4.04 or 285 Rubles, so it’s a pretty good deal for breaded shrimp!

Chicken Wings

In Russia, you can get chicken wings at McDonald’s, and they’re much better than the failed experiment McDonald’s tried in 2014.

These chicken wings cost 271 rubles for nine, which is about $3.85. Also, McDonald’s chicken wings are crispy and juicy and some of the best chicken wings you’ll have from a fast-food restaurant.

Country Style Potatoes

While we all know McDonald’s fries, in Russia, it includes Country Style Potatoes on the menu, which are potato wedges.

However, you can still get regular McDonald’s fries. But, both potato items are sourced locally and have been since 2018 due to tensions with America.

McFlurry De Luxe Strawberry Biscotti

McFlurry De Luxe Strawberry Biscotti McDonald's

In Russia, you can get the McFlurry De Luxe Strawberry Biscotti as a delicious dessert, and it’s one of the most popular menu items in the country.

Not only is Russia’s McFlurry much bigger than an American McFlurry, but it comes with strawberry filling inside as well as bits of chocolate biscotti.

Additionally, it’s made with vanilla ice cream that’s soft-serve and made with whole milk. However, you can also get chocolate caramel or chocolate-strawberry versions of it.

Panini Tuscany

A Panini Tuscany is two grilled beef steaks, Emmental cheese, raw onions, arugula, and sliced tomatoes on a fried pita.

Additionally, it has a basil and herb sauce and costs around $2.67 or 188 Rubles.

How Much Is McDonald’s in Russia?

McDonald’s in Russia is cheaper than you’ll pay in the United States. For example, a Big Mac in Russia only costs $2.13, which is 135 Rubles.

Furthermore, McDonald’s bases prices on the wealth and economic situation in the country, so that’s why there’s a big price fluctuation between American McDonald’s and Russia.

Does McDonald’s in Russia Serve Vodka?

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find any alcohol at the McDonald’s locations in Russia.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go there and still have a great time with exceptional food and drinks!

Is McDonald’s Popular In Russia?

Yes, Russians love McDonald’s, as evidenced by the fact there are more than 750 locations throughout the country.

From the day McDonald’s opened in 1990 until now, the people of Russia have been fans of McDonald’s and think of it as experiencing a piece of America.

Additionally, McDonald’s investments in Russia are more than $2.5 billion and grow about 14% annually.

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