Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

Hobby Lobby provides employment to people with various levels of experience in several cities across the country.

However, if you’re looking to join the team but are worried about the drug testing policy, this article will answer any questions you might have on the subject!

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test In 2024?

Hobby Lobby does not drug test for most positions in 2024. However, you’re likely to be tested if you’re suspected of using drugs on the job. As well, anyone joining a management position does have to take a drug test. The company usually combines a math test and a mouth swab, but sometimes urine tests are also performed.

Read on to learn more about drug testing at Hobby Lobby, including the specific rules for different employees, types of tests done, when you can expect them and more!

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Full Time?

Hobby Lobby does not usually test full-time employees for most positions unless they are suspected of drug use.

This suspicion could arise from factors such as lower performance when compared to the rest of the team, lateness, aggressiveness, etc.

You might also be required to take a drug test during the interview if the interviewer decides that something is off about you, so your best chance of avoiding this is to put your best foot forward at this stage.

Some people with experience at Hobby Lobby have stated that they were required to take drug tests by managers or other department heads that had bad motives against them, but couldn’t fire them on the usual issues like punctuality and stealing.

Several people who have worked in Hobby Lobby warehouses have also said that the rate of drug testing in that department is higher than other areas of work at the company.

This may be because warehouse workers deal with heavy machinery and goods. In their environment, reduced performance might result in serious injury or worse.

Drug testing, however, is required for any person going into any managerial roles. Going by information from current and former employees, all managers are required to take a drug test before they move into the position.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t drug test seasonal employees. However, your manager might request a test if they suspect you of drug use.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Part Time?

Hobby Lobby does not drug test part time employees, but the manager or other department head might request a test if they think that you’re using drugs.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Cashiers?

Hobby Lobby does not drug test cashiers. However, a department lead or manager might require you to take a test if they have suspicions that you’re using drugs.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Pre Employment?

Hobby Lobby does not perform pre employment drug tests unless you’re suspected during the interview of using drugs.

This suspicion is easy enough to evade if you’re composed at the interview and don’t give off any of the signals that are associated with drug users.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test in Oklahoma?

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test in Oklahoma?

Based on information from current and former employees of the retailer from several different parts of the country, we can safely assume that Hobby Lobby does not drug test in Oklahoma unless drug usage is suspected of employees.

Oklahoma state law, however, regulates drug testing in the workplace to protect different parties under certain circumstances.

For starters, while it’s legal to use medical marijuana in the state, you can’t use it during work hours or in the workplace, and if you’re suspected of doing so, a drug test will be requested.

As well, after there’s been a serious incident at work such as an accident or property that has been damaged, your manager might be required to conduct a drug test.

If you refuse to take the test after the accident, you’re likely to be denied worker’s compensation or be fired and denied unemployment.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Hobby Lobby Have?

In the instances where Hobby Lobby might require you to take a drug test, it’s likely going to be a combination of a math test and mouth swab.

It’s unclear what the math portion of the test entails, but it likely works like the sobriety tests you’re given when you get pulled over. However, these kinds of tests are easy to pass if you’re sober.

As for the mouth swab, this test can be used to detect the following substances.

How effective the test will be depends on factors such as its sensitivity and the last time you took the substances.

Some Hobby Lobby locations will require a urine sample for the test. According to the FDA, this kind of test, called a urinalysis, can detect the following substances.

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Hobby Lobby does not test regular employees unless they’re suspected of using drugs.

In some cases, a drug test may be required after an accident in the workplace and refusing it might cause you to be fired. Managers are also required to take a drug test before taking up the role.

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