Does Home Depot Accept PayPal? (Your Full Guide) 

As the largest home improvement retailer in the US, Home Depot is a one-stop shop for all things DIY, tools, supplies, garden, and more. 

Along with a wide range of services and products, you might be wondering whether or not Home Depot accepts PayPal. Here is what I discovered.

Does Home Depot Accept PayPal? 

Home Depot does accept PayPal as a form of payment in-store and online. Customers at Home Depot can pay via PayPal by using a PayPal Cash Card. Home Depot customers were previously able to pay via PayPal using a mobile phone number and pin system; however, this method was discontinued in 2018. 

To find out how you pay using PayPal at Home Depot if you can pay using PayPal at, and more, keep on reading!

How Do You Use PayPal In Store At Home Depot?   

You can pay via PayPal at Home Depot stores by using a PayPal Cash Card.

To pay using this method, present your PayPal Cash Card at the checkout and pay as you would a debit or credit card.

PayPal can also be used in some stores as a payment method by linking your PayPal account to your Samsung Pay app.

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay, so PayPal will not be compatible with these mobile payment wallets.

Can I Use PayPal At 

Customers shopping online at can use PayPal as a valid payment method.

To use this payment method, you need to choose the PayPal option at checkout. You will be asked to verify your account by logging in. 

Can I Use PayPal On The Home Depot App?

Can I Use PayPal On The Home Depot App?

Paying via PayPal is accepted on the Home Depot app.

Customers will be prompted to select a payment method at checkout, where PayPal will be an option.

Additionally, customers may be prompted to verify their account by logging in. 

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Home Depot Accept? 

Home Depot accepts a number of payment methods at all of its locations across the US, including: 

  • Debit and credit cards from issuers, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. 
  • Home Depot Consumer Credit Cards. These are store-specific credit cards that come in a range of options. 
  • Personal checks. Checks can be accepted in-store, along with a valid photo ID. Business checks are sometimes accepted but will differ depending on location. 
  • Cash. All Home Depot stores accept cash. 
  • Home Depot Gift Cards. Available in-store and online in a range of amounts. 

Home Depot has yet to allow customers to pay via contactless methods, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay (Samsung Pay is accepted).

Though their card terminals are set up for NFC payments, this function is currently disabled at their checkouts.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted At 

Customers shopping online at can pay via a range of methods.

These include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards, along with The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, as well as The Home Depot Commercial Credit Accounts (both PROX and CRC). 

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Home Depot does accept PayPal as a payment method via the use of a PayPal Cash Card.

Home Depot used to offer customers a PayPal payment method using a mobile phone number and pin, though this method was discontinued in 2018.

Customers can use PayPal to shop online at and on the Home Depot app. 

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