Does Home Depot Cut Blinds? (Price, Types + More)

Home Depot sells a variety of blinds for your home at its nationwide stores, including faux wood, wooden, vinyl, cordless, and cellular blinds.

But what if you need to get your blinds cut? Can Home Depot help cut your blinds based on your requirements? I’ve researched this, and here is what I’ve found out!

Does Home Depot Cut Blinds?

Home Depot will cut blinds bought in-store or online for free, according to the size measurements a customer provides. Additionally, Home Depot also guides customers on how to measure and install blinds themselves and offers installation services.

If you want to learn more about the cost of getting blinds cut from Home Depot, whether you can return blinds to Home Depot once they have been cut, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Blinds at Home Depot?

Home Depot offers a free blind-cutting service at its stores, allowing you to purchase blinds in-store and have them cut to your specifications.

Other than that, you can also have blinds ordered online at Home Depot cut to the preferred size.

To ensure your blinds are cut to the correct size, Home Depot offers a useful guide online to show you how to measure your blinds so you can ensure they will be the right size for your home.

What Blinds Can Home Depot Cut?

Home Depot can cut and alter all the blinds that it sells in its stores using a particular machine designed to cut and alter blinds to the correct size for customers.

Customers can select from a range of blinds, including those made from materials such as wood, faux wood, and vinyl blinds, as well as blinds that go horizontally and vertically.

Additionally, blinds at Home Depot are available for windows, doors, arches, and other areas in the home for great coverage.

How Do You Get Blinds Cut At Home Depot?

To have your blinds cut at Home Depot in-store, simply take the blinds you wish to buy to a sales representative who will be able to begin the process for you without charging any extra cost.

Alternatively, you can also order blinds online at Home Depot and have them delivered, or bring them into the store to be cut.

Does Home Depot Install Blinds?

Will Home Depot Install Blinds?

Along with offering cutting and measuring services, Home Depot is also able to install your blinds for you using one of its locally certified installation crews.

Installers who work with Home Depot are local, licensed, and insured and have been thoroughly background-checked to ensure their suitability.

They will also be able to come directly to your house to install your blinds, making the process even easier.

Note that labor charges for installing your blinds from Home Depot may vary depending on your area.

Other than that, Home Depot also has tips on its website regarding how to install your own blinds and products to help with installation.

Can You Return Cut Blinds to Home Depot?

In some circumstances, it is possible to return cut blinds to Home Depot.

If there has been an error with your blinds from Home Depot and you have received the wrong size from the measurements you provided, Home Depot can correct this for you.

Regardless of the error made, Home Depot will offer to recut the blinds for you to bring them to the correct size.

However, if you have ordered blinds from Home Depot and provided incorrect measurements, Home Depot will not be able to assist you with fixing your blinds, as this is an error on your part.

Make sure to contact your local Home Depot for more information on what to do with incorrect blinds.

Will Home Depot Cut Blinds Bought From Other Stores?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not cut or alter blinds bought from other stores.

This is because the machine which cuts blinds in Home Depot is specifically designed for the styles it has in-store, meaning it will not work for third-party blinds.

How Do I Choose Home Depot Blinds?

If you are considering purchasing new blinds from Home Depot, there are a range of styles and sizes available both in-store and on its website.

Home Depot also has information about the various types of blinds it offers, which can be found here.

Blinds at Home Depot vary in price, with the cheapest blind options beginning around $10 and the most expensive, designer blinds being around $600.

However, you can have your blinds cut for free at Home Depot if you purchase from there, which is a good inclusion for the price.

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As well as offering a range of styles, sizes, and materials for your blinds, Home Depot is also able to cut store-bought blinds for free to ensure they are a perfect size. To have your blinds cut, take them to any local Home Depot that performs blind cutting services.

Unfortunately, Home Depot cannot cut blinds from third-party sources as they do not have the equipment available. Yet, Home Depot does sell products and supplies to help you cut your blind yourself if it cannot assist you.

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