Does Home Depot Give Free Tile & Flooring Samples? (Guide) 

It cannot be easy to select the perfect tile or flooring for your house without first trying out a variety of samples and evaluating the best one.

So if you’re shopping for tiles and flooring for your home from Home Depot, you may wonder if Home Depot gives free tile and flooring samples. Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Home Depot Give Free Tile And Flooring Samples? 

Home Depot offers a minimal selection of free tile and flooring samples in-store. Alternatively, customers can find a wide variety of materials, types, and brands for tile and flooring samples at for a small fee, starting at $3 with free delivery or in-store pickup.

If you want to learn more about the types of free tile samples offered by Home Depot, whether there are any restrictions on getting free tile and flooring samples, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Give Free Tile Samples? 

Home Depot’s array of in-store tile samples is not particularly comprehensive, but you can find some free tile products available there.

Primarily, customers can visit Home Depot’s in-store flooring department to browse the remnants of previously cut tile or any floor samples that can be taken home for testing.

Alternatively, you can visit for the full range of tiles available in sample sizes, starting at around $5 for a small portion.

Note that most sample sizes are eligible for in-store pickup or standard delivery to your door, with free shipping and handling. 

Does Home Depot Give Free Flooring Samples?

Home Depot offers free flooring samples, both in-store and online.

However, the free in-store samples are more limited in range and brand, so you should check for a full array of flooring samples available for a small fee, starting at $3. 

You can find flooring samples that mimic many different wood types, including oak, hickory, and even eucalyptus.

What Kinds Of Free Tile Samples Does Home Depot Offer? 

What Kinds Of Free Tile Samples Does Home Depot Offer

Since Home Depot carries many types of tiles for your home improvement or construction projects, the range of samples is also varied.

However, customers who want access to the full range of Home Depot’s tiling products should peruse the website, where samples begin at around $5.

Types of tile samples offered there include: 

  • Backsplash Tile
  • Brick Joint Tile
  • Ceramic Wall Tile
  • Deck Tile
  • Embossed Tile
  • Frosted Tile
  • Geometric Patterned Glass Tile
  • Glass Tile
  • Glazed Tile
  • Interlocking Wall Mosaic Tile
  • Marble Tile
  • Metal Tile
  • Mosaic Tile
  • Multi-Medium Wall Tile
  • Porcelain Wall Tile
  • Reflective Tile
  • Self-Adhesive Wall Tile
  • Slate Tile
  • Stone and Glass Wall Tile
  • Subway Tile
  • Wall Tile

What Kinds Of Flooring Samples Does Home Depot Offer? 

Home Depot has many flooring samples available in-store and an even wider variety for sale at an affordable price online, including the following types: 

  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  • Gym Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Porcelain Tile Flooring
  • Slate Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Are There Any Restrictions On Tile And Flooring Samples From Home Depot? 

Home Depot does not operate a strict samples policy for tile or flooring, but customers are encouraged to exercise restraint when choosing samples in-store.

Because the free sample stock in physical Home Depot locations is limited, employees tend to have a soft limit of 2 samples per customer. 

If you are ordering your tile or flooring samples online, the limit is generally three items per order to allow enough stock for everyone.

This is also to discourage customers from outfitting entire rooms with severely discounted sample sizes. 

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While Home Depot does offer free tile and flooring samples in-store, they are limited in range and availability.

A safer method is to order from the wide variety of tile and flooring samples found online at, for a small fee and limited items per order.

You can expect to pay around $5 for tile samples, and $3 for flooring samples when ordering online. 

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