Does Home Depot Cut Plywood? (Price, Custom Cuts + More)

Plywood is a commonly used material for various DIY and other home improvement projects, but cutting plywood into the right size for your needs is more easily said than done.

Since Home Depot is renowned as the go-to store for home improvement services in the U.S., you may wonder, does Home Depot cut plywood? Here is what I’ve discovered through my research!

Does Home Depot Cut Plywood?

Home Depot will cut plywood based on customers’ size measurements for free, up to the first 10-15 cuts. After that, customers will have to pay 50 cents per cut. Alternatively, customers can also purchase or rent cutting equipment, such as a circular saw, for four hours to four weeks.

If you want to learn more about getting custom plywood cuts at Home Depot, whether you can buy tools to cut plywood from Home Depot, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Plywood At Home Depot?

Due to Home Depot’s commitment to providing high levels of customer satisfaction, a skilled technician will happily cut your plywood for free for the first 10-15 cuts.

However, if you exceed the free-cut allowance at that particular Home Depot store, you may need to pay a small fee of around 50 cents per cut.

Can You Get Custom Cuts On Plywood At Home Depot?

Many Home Depot store locations are equipped with an upright panel saw, which is used to cut materials such as plywood.

A qualified employee will gladly take your desired measurements and aim to cut accordingly.

However, any requests for intricate or challenging patterns may be denied due to the limitations of the machinery used in-store.

Instead, you should visit a local designer or specialist woodcutter to get your custom patterns, using search sites such as Yelp to find these services in your local area.

Does Home Depot Cut Plywood Into Strips?

Yes, Home Depot is able to cut plywood panels into smaller strips as long as the thickness of the strip is safe to cut.

However, we have found that if the cutting station is very busy, the Home Depot associate may limit the number of strip cuts to allow other customers to use the service.

Does Home Depot Cut Plywood In a Circle?

Unfortunately, Home Depot is not able to cut plywood into circles in-store.

This is mainly due to the cutting machine only being able to rip in straight lines, which is much safer for the operator.

If you are looking to cut circles in plywood, Home Depot sells an affordable range of electric jigsaws that can do this job.

Does Home Depot Sell Tools To Cut Plywood?

Home Depot offers an extensive range of tools that can effectively cut plywood to your desired fit.

To manually cut the plywood, you may wish to purchase a hand saw equipped with a handle that is available in-store and online for under $10.

You may consider using a circular saw if you’re looking for something more advanced or precise.

These tools are available at Home Depot for $59 to $269, depending on the voltage, and are available in wired and cordless options.

However, if you already possess a saw, you can purchase circular blades that are specifically designed to cut through plywood.

Home Depot predominantly sells plywood cutting blades by Avanti with a range of teeth styles around the outer edge. Customers can expect to pay $6.97-$12.97 for singular blades or dual packs.

Can You Rent Tools To Cut Plywood At Home Depot?

Can You Rent Tools To Cut Plywood At Home Depot?

If you only need to cut plywood for your short-term DIY project, you may prefer to rent a power tool such as a saw to cut plywood without paying the equipment’s total amount.

You can access a rental online or attend your local store on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When renting online, make sure you have set your location using the store finder along the taskbar by inserting your zip code and selecting one of the stores in your local area.

If the tool you require is out of stock at the selected store, you may alter the chosen store to another one from the store finder.

For intricate cutting patterns, you should consider the Electric Jig Saw, which has rental prices of $13 for four hours, $18 per day, $72 per week, or $216 for four weeks of usage.

Note that you will have to pay a $25 deposit to secure the equipment for your desired time frame.

Additionally, you can also hire a circular saw which is perfect for cutting wooden materials such as plywood.

The Electric Circular Saw comes with a built-in dust blower for increased safety.

You can hire this device (with an initial deposit of $25) for $16 for four hours, $23 per day, $92 per week, or $276 for four weeks.

Does Home Depot Cut Similar Materials?

Home Depot can also cut various other wood materials on-site, including lumber and plywood.

In addition, you can have pipes made from composite materials such as PVC, plastic, and Pex cut and threaded for free.

Customers should know that only materials purchased in-house are eligible for the free cutting service.

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not cut delicate or tough materials such as mirrored glass, most metals, tiles, or ceramics such as porcelain.

This is because these materials require high precision to prevent breakage.

Do Other Stores Cut Plywood?

Customers located a significant distance from Home Depot may wish to visit an alternative retailer to cut plywood. The following stores will facilitate this service:

  • Lowes
  • Ace Hardware
  • Menards
  • Tractor Supply Company

If you want to learn about other related services Home Depot might be offering, make sure to check if Home Depot cuts metal sheets and pipes, blinds, and if Home Depot cuts and binds carpets.


Home Depot will cut plywood for free, provided you have purchased the material from the store. Employees will offer the first 10-15 cuts for free before charging a 50 cent fee per cut.

Alternatively, you can purchase a circular saw or rent one for 4-hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 4 hours. Home Depot also cuts lumber, PVC, and Pex.

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