Does Home Depot Have Motorized Carts, Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs?

As a leading home improvement retail chain, Home Depot has implemented numerous features to ensure those with a disability or other physical conditions can shop with ease.

So if you feel that you need additional support in-store, you may wonder whether Home Depot has motorized or handicapped carts and wheelchairs. Here’s what I’ve found out!

Does Home Depot Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs?

Home Depot provides motorized/handicapped carts and wheelchairs. Customers can also receive additional support from an associate while entering and exiting the store, reaching elevated items, and navigating the store. Although Home Depot primarily offers electric scooters, manual wheelchairs may also be available.

If you want to learn more about whether Home Depot allows assistance animals, whether it has reserved parking for people with disabilities, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Have Motorized/Handicap Carts?

Home Depot’s ethos promotes diversity and inclusion by treating customers and team members respectfully.

In support of those with physical ailments, Home Depot facilitates motorized or handicapped carts and electric scooters.

If you plan to use these amenities, you should be aware that the carts and scooters, by default, may stop working past a certain barrier point as you leave the store.

You may ask a member of staff for additional support in and out of these facilities.

Note that most stores typically offer 2-4 motorized or handicapped carts and electric scooters. You should call the store ahead of your visit to ensure one is available.

Does Home Depot Have Wheelchairs?

Home Depot predominantly offers electric scooters to customers struggling to navigate the store alone, but manual wheelchairs may also be available.

Ask a store associate from the customer service desk to see if they supply manual wheelchairs. The stores should also facilitate steady wheelchair ramps for users.

Can A Home Depot Employee Assist Me If I Need Help?

Store associates are there to help with heavy lifting, reaching products from elevated points, and assisting with navigation around the store.

Customers that are already in a wheelchair, motorized cart, or electric scooter can also gain assistance such as pushing a wheelchair, collecting items, or moving a shopping cart.

If you struggle to move around, you may be interested in Home Depot’s curbside pickup.

Under this purchase option, place your order online, receive the pickup confirmation, and drive to the store you selected, where an associate will carry your order to your vehicle.

Note that upon arrival, you will need to show your notification for collection.

Does Home Depot Allow Assistance Animals?

Does Home Depot Allow Assistance Animals?

In compliance with ADA regulations, Home Depot classifies service dogs as assistance animals.

Due to this, they are allowed at any customer point of the store without any restrictions.

However, keep in mind that Home Depot does hold the right to inquire about your animal while in the store.

Does Home Depot Have Parking Reserved For People With Disabilities?

Home Depot’s parking lots provide parking spaces exclusively for disabled guests. If you use one of these spaces, you may need to display a valid disabled parking permit.

These spaces should offer extended space on either side of the bay to help wheelchair users maneuver more easily.

Note that the car park is free to use and is generally open during regular store hours of 6 AM until 9-10 PM from Monday to Saturday and 8 AM until 8 PM on Sundays.

Does Home Depot Have Accessibility Features Online?

‘How To’ videos on Home Depot are one of the online retailer’s most unique features.

Home Depot implements subtitles and audio descriptions in these videos to help deaf or hard-of-hearing customers understand the content.

A range of these articles also focuses on how to make rooms or aspects of your home more accessible.

These include ‘How to Make a Bathroom Handicap Accessible’ and ‘How to Make Stairs Handicap Accessible.’

Additionally, the articles also link the products used in the tutorial to ensure they are easily reachable.

Can I Buy Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs At Home Depot?

You can buy motorized/handicap carts and wheelchairs in the Mobility Aids aisles within a Home Depot store’s health and wellness section or online.

In this section, you’ll find a wide variety of wheelchair types, accessibility ramps, walkers, mobility equipment, and mobility canes for sale.

Manual wheelchairs at home depot are equipped with 4 wheels, footrests, armrests, and push handles and range in price from $120-$634.99.

Additionally, while some products offer additional leg supports and seat belts for extra security, others offer a longer reclining back.

If you are looking to learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not Sam’s Club has motorized carts, if Costco has motorized carts, and if CVS rents wheelchairs.


Home Depot offers motorized/handicap carts and manual wheelchairs to its customers, subject to availability at the time of visit. Additionally, stores are equipped with wheelchair ramps.

Disabled customers can receive assistance with shop navigation, curbside pickup, and entering and leaving the store. also provides subtitles on its videos.

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