Does Sam’s Club Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs?

Sam’s Club offers products and services to its members that other retail warehouses often cannot match. Some products and services are exclusively available in-store and not online.

So, if you are in need of a mobility device in your next shop, you may be wondering whether or not motorized carts or wheelchairs are available to use at Sam’s Club. Here is what I discovered!

Does Sam’s Club Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs?

Sam’s Club does provide manual wheelchairs and power-driven carts for customers. Sam’s Club follows all federal and local regulations set in place by the ADA and provides these devices at all of its store locations. Additionally, Sam’s Club sells a variety of mobility aids, including canes and wheelchairs.

To learn more about ADA regulations and the additional services Sam’s Club provides their disabled customers and employees, keep on reading!

What Handicap Services Does Sam’s Club Provide?

Sam’s Club wants to make its store accessible to all people. With that being said, Sam’s Club offers several tools for people who are disabled or need assistance with their shopping.

Every Sam’s Club location meets all federal and local guidelines for disabled shoppers per the regulations set in place by the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.

For example, Sam’s Club provides motorized shopping carts for those who need a little assistance while shopping. Sam’s Club also has manual wheelchairs if you prefer that instead.

If you require extra help loading your items into your vehicle, Sam’s Club trains their employees to help in such cases.

Additionally, Sam’s Club recognizes the demand for service animals and allows service dogs to accompany their owners while shopping.

All other pets and emotional support animals are not permitted to enter Sam’s Club for health safety concerns.

Finally, Sam’s Club is an equal opportunity employer, meaning they do not discriminate hiring those with disabilities. If you need assistance filling out an application, visit the Membership Desk for help.

Does Every Sam’s Club Location Have Motorized Carts?

On the Sam’s Club website, they promise that every store will have motorized shopping carts for their customers.

However, if you want to double-check to make sure your local Sam’s Club does have motorized shopping carts, give your store a call.

You can find your Sam’s Club store’s phone number using the store locator on the company website.

Does Sam’s Club Sell Mobility Aids?

Does Sam’s Club Sell Mobility Aids?

In addition to providing motorized carts and manual wheelchairs for in-store shoppers, Sam’s Club also sells a variety of mobility aids.

Some of the mobility aids available both in-store and online at Sam’s Club include:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility scooters
  • Canes
  • Extension arms
  • Home safety aids
  • Rollators

It is important to keep in mind that the availability of these products varies between stores.

To check what mobility aids your local Sam’s Club sells, use the store locator on the website or give your store a call for more specific inquiries.

What Mobility Aids Does Sam’s Club Allow In Stores?

If you own a motorized wheelchair or cart, you may be wondering if you can bring it with you inside Sam’s Club.

According to ADA regulations, Sam’s Club allows any kind of wheelchair in their stores, whether manually operated or power-driven.

Some forms of ADA-approved power-driven mobility devices are not allowed inside Sam’s Club. For example, the ADA defines a golf cart as a mobility device, but you cannot use it in stores.

If you are unsure whether or not your power-driven mobility device is allowed inside Sam’s Club, do not hesitate to give your store a call to find out!

Does Sam’s Club Offer Medical Services?

Every day low prices on products like food and household cleaning supplies are not the only thing Sam’s Club offers their members.

Medical services, like optical centers, pharmacies, and hearing aid centers, are also available to Sam’s Club members.

For example, Sam’s Club’s pharmacy performs routine health screenings with or without an appointment at select locations.

In addition to a general health checkup, the Sam’s Club pharmacy also screens blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels. Cholesterol tests cost between $15 and $19, depending on the type of membership.

Also, Sam’s Club has hearing aid specialists that can program, adjust, and clean hearing aids for members while they are shopping.

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Sam’s Club strives to create an environment that does not discriminate against anyone. With that, at every location, Sam’s Club offers motorized carts and manual wheelchairs for disabled customers.

Sam’s Club sells an array of mobility aids both online and in-stores. Additionally, Sam’s Club makes necessary accommodations for disabled employees.

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