Does Home Depot Price Match Costco? (All You Need To Know) 

Home Depot has long been a great location in the U.S. for a wide variety of construction, home improvement, and DIY goods, available in-store and online for highly affordable prices.

With stores like Costco offering competition to Home Depot with aggressively low prices, you may be wondering – does Home Depot’s price match Costco? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco? 

Home Depot will price-match identical items sold at Costco. Customers can bring proof of a lower price via a printed or digital ad to get the price matched. For items, customers should contact the Customer Support Team. In-store requests come with an additional 10% discount.

If you want to learn more about the products excluded from Home Depot’s price match policy, how to get a price adjustment at Home Depot in-store and online, and much more, keep on reading! 

What Is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy?

Home Depot offers a generous price match policy, applicable for both online and physical purchases.

As part of this “Low Price Guarantee,” customers can request a price match for identical products found for a lower cost at Costco by providing proof of the lower price and get a 10% discount as well.

Additionally, if the customer has already purchased the item from Home Depot, they can also make a price adjustment request and get a partial refund with the same 10% discount.

Note that for Home Depot to price match an item from Costco, the item’s price must be in U.S. dollars, and the adjustment must be applied before any taxes or other levies are imposed.

Other than that, the item must be in stock and available for immediate sale by both Home Depot and Costco.

What Is Home Depot’s In-Store Price Match Policy?

When shopping in-store, if you find a product that is selling for a lower price at Costco (and is identical at both stores in brand and model), Home Depot will match the price and even beat it by 10%.

Keep in mind that this extra 10% is only available in-store and can vary between locations.

To get your price match request approved, you must bring proof of Costco’s lower price to the checkout register with the item and request a price match.

Note that the proof could be in the form of an ad, printout, or photo, but be patient—in some cases, Home Depot will phone the competitor’s location to verify the cost. 

What Is Home Depot’s Online Price Match Policy?

Home Depot also matches prices online, whether shopping at,, or at any online-only retailer.

However, the products must be identical to Home Depot’s and based in the United States, without foreign importation charges on the item. 

Additionally, the price must include shipping costs on top of the item price, and the item must be available for delivery to your door.

For online items, only the price will be matched—products found online are not eligible for the additional 10% in-store discount.

How Do You Get Home Depot To Price Match Costco?

How Do You Get Home Depot To Price Match Costco

If you find a better price for an item at Costco, either in-store or online, visit your local Home Depot with proof of the competitor’s pricing.

This can be either the Costco ad, a printout copy of it, or a photo of the price and item.

Once a Home Depot employee verifies Costco’s lower cost, you can get a price adjustment on the item in question. 

How Do You Get Home Depot To Price Match Costco Online? 

To get a Costco item price matched online at, customers will need to calculate the shipping of the competitor’s item and contact Home Depot’s Customer Support Team for assistance.

This can be done by calling Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376, or by starting a live chat with a Home Depot service agent online at

What Items Will Home Depot Price Match With Costco?

Since Home Depot and Costco sell similar goods and products, price-matching crossover is inevitable.

Some products that both retailers typically find price adjustments for include: 

  • Drills and Screwdrivers
  • Generic Hardware Items and Tools
  • Ladders
  • Organizational Tools 
  • Power Tools (cordless and wired)
  • Storage Products
  • Wrench Sets

Additionally, several top-name brands that Home Depot commonly price matches with Costco include the following: 

  • Bissell
  • Calphalon
  • Coast Flashlights
  • Duracell
  • Dyson
  • Feit Electric
  • Honeywell
  • Leatherman
  • Lifetime
  • Master Lock
  • Stanley

What Products Are Excluded From Home Depot’s Price Match Policy? 

Not all products are included in Home Depot’s price match guarantee, including items in the following categories: 

  • Bid or Auction Competitor Pricing
  • Competitor Pricing with Price Misprint or Error
  • Custom or Specially Ordered Products (including anything configured or customized after purchase)
  • Discounted, Clearance, or Going-Of-Business Specials
  • Distressed or Faulty Goods
  • Open-Box, Refurbished, or Reconditioned Merchandise
  • Seasonal Products
  • Single Promotion, Rebate, Free, or Bundle Offer Items
  • Third-Party Discount Website Products
  • Volume or Wholesale Discounts 

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Conclusion: Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

Home Depot will apply a price match to eligible products that are found at Costco for a lower price and offer a price adjustment if a customer has already purchased the item.

With proof of the lower price at Costco, customers can get a price match either in-store or online, given the product is available in stock and is listed in the local currency.

Note that proof of a lower price includes an ad, printout, or photo of the product listing on the competitor’s ad or website.

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