Who Makes Behr Paint For Home Depot? (Manufacturer, Made In USA + More) 

Behr Paint is a high-quality paint brand that aims to deliver a superior product at affordable prices and guarantees to bring vibrancy to any room with its rich colors. 

Since the high-demand product is sold at Home Depot, you may wonder, who makes Behr Paint for Home Depot? Here is everything I’ve discovered about this! 

Who Makes Behr Paint For Home Depot? 

Behr Paint is made for Home Depot by its parent company, Masco (formerly The Behr Paint Company). Behr Paint is made in several locations across four U.S. states and is sold exclusively at Home Depot (both in-store and online) due to a long-lasting partnership between the companies. 

If you want to learn more about the owners of Behr Paint, whether Behr Paint is a good brand, and the types of Behr Paint sold at Home Depot, keep on reading! 

Who Owns Behr Paint? 

Behr Paint Company was a privately owned organization that manufactured Behr paint, primer, stains, and waterproofing products. 

In 1999, Masco corporation of Livonia acquired Behr Paint Company, the parent company of Behr paint products. 

The Masco Corporation is recognized globally as a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded home improvement goods and supplies.  

After the acquisition of the Behr Paint Company, it is now one of the largest suppliers of architectural paint. 

Additionally, in past years, The Home Depot has honored the owning company as the Partner of the Year. 

Where Is Behr Paint Manufactured? 

Behr paint products such as interior paint, stains, exterior paint, glosses, and primers were made initially in a single Santa Ana in, California location.  

However, as popularity grew, the company expanded its manufacturing locations to cater to a broader American market.  

As of [currentyear], the company now operates several manufacturing sites located across the U.S., including: 

  • Three manufacturing warehouses in Santa Ana, California 
  • One in Roanoke, Texas 
  • One in St. Louis, Missouri 
  • One in Mcdonough, Georgia 
  • One in Chicago Heights, Illinois 

Is Behr Paint A Good Brand?

Is Behr Paint A Good Brand

Behr paint carries a positive reputation amongst homeware customers with stellar reviews. 

In particular, customers point out the paint’s excellent coverage, allowing it to successfully hide remnants of old paint during a renovation project. 

Upon reviewing the Home Depot website, you can see that many Behr paint products score either a 5-star or a close to 5-star rating.  

Customers have described their satisfaction with the fast drying time, thick coverage, and long-lasting color.  

However, some consumers were disappointed with the finish of the ultra-white paint. 

Note that many Behr products aim to ease the decorating process by minimizing the paint’s odor and incorporating a semi-gloss in selected products for a pristine kitchen finish. 

Does Home Depot Make Behr Paint? 

Home Depot is not involved with producing Behr paint, but the retailer has strong connections with the manufacturing organization of Behr Paint.  

In 1978, The Home Depot formed an official retail partnership with The Behr Paint Company, and 10 years later, computer color matching of Behr paint was introduced in-store. 

Is Behr Paint Sold At Home Depot? 

Due to a long-lasting partnership between the two companies, you can purchase Behr products exclusively at every Home Depot store located in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

You can expect to find an extensive range of Behr Paint at Home Depot, facilitating an impressive shade range from the color wheel.  

Additionally, customers can buy various types of paint, including acrylic, oil-based, exterior paint (for brick walls, fences, barns, and slate roofs), primer, sealer, gloss, and metal paint. 

Here are various styles of Behr paint found at Home Depot: 

  • Behr Premium Plus: Provides a finish that fully covers mildew and stains. It possesses a low odor and is guaranteed to last a long time. 
  • Behr Ultra: This is often used as a primer for uncoated surfaces or areas you wish to change the color. Ideal for wooden surfaces and heavily stained areas. 
  • Behr Marquee: Is great at hiding wall stains. However, it is not a primer as it is available in over 1,000 colors. 

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Home Depot has held a nearly 40 year-long partnership with the owners of Behr Paint, Mesco, formerly known as The Behr Paint Company. 

Because of this partnership, the paint is made in several U.S.-based locations and distributed to every Home Depot store. Customers can also purchase a range of Behr paint online. 

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