Does IKEA Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs? (Full Guide)

IKEA is a leading retailer providing cost-effective furniture, known for its easy-to-assemble methods. With various products spread across the store, visiting IKEA can be a great day out for all the family.

Those wishing to visit IKEA may be wondering if they are able to provide motorized carts and wheelchairs for disabled visitors. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned!

Does IKEA Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs?

While IKEA does have manual wheelchairs and shopping trolleys suitable for disabled people, they are unable to provide motorized carts and wheelchairs within their stores (however, some select store locations do have these). IKEA staff are also trained to aid disabled people and use a range of personal assistive devices.

For more information on IKEA motorized carts and wheelchairs for disabled people and information about other aspects of IKEA and if they are accessible, then keep reading!

Does IKEA have Motorized/Handicap Carts for Disabled People?

On the IKEA website, it states that IKEA is unable to offer motorized wheelchairs and scooters within their store. IKEA has not yet offered an explanation as to why motorized carts and scooters are not available in their stores.

However, IKEA can offer wheelchairs and disabled shopping trolleys to customers at their Ballroom, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Does IKEA Have Wheelchairs for Disabled People?

IKEA is able to offer their customers manual wheelchairs, which are available from their Ballroom section to shoppers in need.

While IKEA cannot offer motorized carts or wheelchairs to their customers, they do welcome customers to bring their own into the store, as well as personal assistive devices to aid their shopping experience.

IKEA staff members are also trained to be familiar with a variety of personal assistive devices in order to help customers in the store better.

Does IKEA have Wheelchair Access?

IKEA has a number of wheelchair-accessible features in-store to make their customers comfortable, including offering manual wheelchairs.

Additionally, IKEA provides wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and wider aisles within their stores to allow wheelchairs easier access.

The checkouts at IKEA are also equipped with detachable chip and pin pads, with easy release to assist those with mobility issues and make it easier to pay.

Does IKEA have Shopping Scooters?

While there are no motorized scooters available for shoppers at IKEA, there is a range of shopping trolleys and various equipment designed to help disabled people when shopping at IKEA.

IKEA offers a variety of family, wheelchair, and disabled trolleys at their main entrance, which is available if customers need them.

To ensure IKEA can provide a suitable shopping trolley, it may be best to contact your local IKEA store in advance of your visit.

Does IKEA Have Disabled Parking?

Does IKEA Have Disabled Parking?

IKEA has a variety of disabled parking bays, which are free of charge.

The disabled parking bays at IKEA are often located close to the entrance to the store to help those with mobility issues.

Does IKEA Have Disabled Toilets?

IKEA has disabled toilets within their stores. Usually, disabled toilets at IKEA can be found near the store’s entrance and close to amenities such as the café.

Does IKEA Have Accessible Seating?

IKEA is able to provide accessible seating in a variety of areas across its stores. IKEA accessible seating is barrier-free and can accommodate wheelchairs.   

Does IKEA Allow Support Persons?

IKEA welcomes customers with disabilities to bring their support person into the store.

As the IKEA website states, a support person may be required for communication, mobility, medical needs or personal care, or general access to goods and services within IKEA.

IKEA staff members are trained to identify support persons within the store and offer additional support where needed.

While support persons are welcome in IKEA sections open to the general public, IKEA prohibits support persons from entering Småland.

Does IKEA Allow Service Animals?

IKEA allows service animals within their stores to aid people with disabilities. Support animals are welcomed in any area open to the general public in IKEA, including the restaurant and dining hall areas.

Similar to support persons, service animals are not permitted in Småland within IKEA.

Is IKEA Disabled Friendly?

As stated on their website, IKEA is committed to making access easy for disabled people by identifying, removing, and preventing barriers that may impair the full use of their stores.

By offering free disabled parking, use of wheelchairs, and other equipment within stores and features such as wider aisles, IKEA is able to accommodate their disabled customers better.

Assistance can also be arranged to load your vehicle at IKEA, or delivery can be arranged if you are struggling with your purchase.

Is IKEA Småland Disabled Friendly?

IKEA offers Småland for the children who visit their stores.

IKEA states that children with pull-ups or diapers in special circumstances may enter the playroom but not the ball pit. For areas that have height requirements in Småland in IKEA, these do not apply to those in wheelchairs.

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While IKEA is able to offer their customers manual carts and wheelchairs, online shoppers have stated that IKEA does not offer motorized carts and wheelchairs for shoppers in-store.

To receive a cart or wheelchair to aid those who need it, they are available free of charge from the IKEA ballroom on a first-come, first-served basis.

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