Does IKEA Sell Individual Parts? (All You Need To Know)

IKEA is famous for its wide range of self-assembly furniture, which often involves a lot of fiddling with individual parts and small screws.

However, if you lose or damage any of these parts though, your furniture may become unusable. If you need to fix your old IKEA furniture, then you might be wondering – does IKEA sell individual parts? Here is what I discovered!

Does IKEA sell individual parts?

IKEA does sell individual replacement parts to customers who need them. You can get replacements from IKEA for individual parts if they are missing, lost, or damaged, even if you purchased the item years ago. This applies to all of their products, and you usually won’t have to pay for the new parts.

So how do you get hold of individual replacement parts from IKEA? Read on to find out more!

What do I do if my recent IKEA purchase is missing parts?

If your recent IKEA purchase is missing any parts, you should call IKEA within 365 days of purchase with your receipt information.

Once you have made your request to the IKEA helpline, IKEA will then deliver the missing items within 7-10 days, depending on the size of the item.

For individual screws, you need to cite the 6-digit code in the assembly manual for the product, and the screws will be sent by mail within 10 days.

If you need screws or other missing parts more quickly, you should visit IKEA’s returns desk at your local store with your receipt.

What do I do if I need new parts for my old IKEA furniture? 

If you lose or break parts from your old IKEA furniture, you can order replacements free of charge by contacting IKEA with the 6-digit part number. 

Additionally, if you don’t have a code for the part, you will need to visit the Recovery section of your local IKEA store to see if the part is available – in this case, there may be a charge.

What do I do if IKEA can’t replace individual parts?

If IKEA doesn’t have the parts available, you can try looking at third-party IKEA part-sellers on places like eBay and Amazon.

Another option is Swedish Furniture Parts, a website set up specifically to provide missing IKEA parts.

However, you will have to pay for parts from these sites, unlike ordering replacements from IKEA directly.

Additionally, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase or experience with IKEA, you may be eligible for a full refund.

If this is the case, you can see our guides on how to return furniture to IKEA without a receipt and whether or not IKEA takes returns of assembled furniture.

Also, don’t forget to see my full guide on IKEA trends and facts to see how they have become the largest furniture brand in the world.


IKEA will usually provide replacement parts for any product you buy from them free of charge, even if you bought the item years ago, as long as you can give the 6-digit part code.

If you don’t have the code or if IKEA no longer stocks the part, you can also try looking for the part you need from third-party IKEA part sellers. 

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