Does IKEA Have Sales? (How Often, Discounts, Family Members + More)

IKEA is well-known for offering shoppers a wide range of high-quality furniture at low prices. 

But, if you were hoping to save even more money when shopping at IKEA, you might also be wondering whether IKEA has sales or offers discountsKeep reading to find out everything you need to know! 

Does IKEA Have Sales?

IKEA does hold sales throughout the year. Their regular sales include their Kitchen Sale events, annual Black Friday sales, and other monthly offers. You can also get additional discounts as a member of IKEA’s Family program. The program is free to join and gives you access to exclusive promos, food and drink offers, and more! 

How do IKEA sales and discounts workHere’s all the information I could find.

How Often Are IKEA Sales?

IKEA holds sales throughout the yearSome sales will be held due to seasonal promotions or to help shift excess stock.

As such, which items are on sale and when will vary constantly. You can check out the latest discounts on offer on the IKEA website

IKEA also has regular sales that occur every year. The Kitchen Sale is the most famous, and it occurs between two and four times every year.

IKEA usually holds a Black Friday event, too, as do many retailers throughout the US and elsewhere.

However, in 2020IKEA used Black Friday to boost sustainability initiatives, rather than to cut prices on its in-store and online selection of furniture and homeware.

What Other Discounts Does IKEA Offer?

IKEA offers plenty of other discounts and money-saving offers, even to those not signed up to their IKEA Family program!

For example, you can shop in their Affordable Home Essentials Under $20 section, in which high-quality products are offered at very affordable prices.

There is also the New Lower Price section on the IKEA website, where all products on offer for a reduced price are rounded up.

This is similar to the As-Is section in-store, where items that have been discontinued, returned, or slightly damaged are sold at discount prices.

What Is The IKEA Kitchen Sale?

What Is The IKEA Kitchen Sale?

The IKEA Kitchen Sale is held a few times a year, and tends to last around a month.

In the sale, shoppers can get money back on most kitchen items sold at IKEA, in the form of gift cards!

 The percentage of money back varies from sale to sale, although it is usually no more than 20%.

However, to shop in the IKEA Kitchen Sales eventsyou will need to be signed up to the IKEA Family member program, which you can find out more about below. 

For more information on Kitchen Sales, you should contact IKEA customer services.

You Can Also Join IKEA Family To Save More

The IKEA Family program is a membership program that gives shoppers access to exclusive discounts, sales, and promotions. It is also free to join.

Benefits include access to IKEA’s regular Kitchen Sale events. As an IKEA Family member, you can also:

  • Eat for free on select dates when you make a furniture purchase of over $100.  
  • Enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee in-store from Monday to Friday.  
  • Get a free meal for the kids on Tuesday, subject to terms and conditions.  
  • Enter a monthly competition to win a $100 IKEA gift card.  
  • Make the most of IKEA workshops and in-store events.  
  • See exclusive previews of upcoming offers and product launches.

To stay up-to-date with the latest offers and updates, opt into IKEA Family emails. 

How To Join The IKEA Family Program?

It’s really easy to become an IKEA Family member, and it’s free to join, too! Simply go online to the IKEA website to make yourself a profile.

You will be required to enter information such as your name, birthdate, and preferred store. 

Additionally, you will also be given the option to receive news and updates via email, text, or post and create a profile without signing up to receive any additional benefits.

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As well as regular sales like the well-known Kitchen Sales event, IKEA also holds sales throughout the year when excess stock needs to be soldOther, exclusive offers are available to IKEA Family members.

For free access to all of the best discounts and promos, you can sign up to the IKEA Family program for free. Or, check out IKEA’s Affordable Home Essentials, New Lower Price, and As-Is sections for other offers.

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