Does Kohl’s Have a Student Discount? (Full Guide)

Many retail stores in the U.S. offer exclusive discounts for high school and college-age students to help them purchase items like clothing, beauty products, and other necessities without breaking the bank.

Since Kohl’s is a popular and accessible retail store in the country, you may be wondering whether Kohl’s offers a student discount as well. Read on to find out what I’ve discovered about this!

Does Kohl’s Have a Student Discount?

Kohl’s does not offer a student discount for clothing, accessories, or other products. Kohl’s does, however, host a Back to School sale throughout the Summer-Fall season with discounts on clothing, stationery supplies, backpacks, etc. Kohl’s also offers various coupons, store rewards, and saving programs.

If you want to learn more about Kohl’s Back to School sale, what other discounts and rewards programs it offers to customers, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is The Kohl’s Back To School Sale?

While Kohl’s does not offer a student discount all year round, it does host a Back to School sale every year for preschool to college-age students on a variety of products.

The discounts vary depending on the department and are available for clothing, personal care items, dorm room furniture, stationery supplies, and other essentials.

For backpacks and other school essentials, Kohl’s often runs a BOGO sale, offering between 20% to 50% off on brands such as Adidas and JanSport.

It also offers discounts on individual items that fall between 15% and 20%, depending on the product and brand.

For college-age students, Kohl’s runs Back to School discounts of 20-50% on dorm room furniture, cleaning supplies, personal care items, backpacks, and other essentials.

What Other Discounts And Savings Does Kohl’s Offer?

What Other Discounts And Savings Does Kohl’s Offer?

Kohl’s offers a wide range of store discounts (both seasonal and year-round) that enable students and other customers to save a fair amount of money.

Note that Kohl’s will always update its website and flyers in its physical store locations when these discounts are available.

Below are the discounts that are currently available during the year that students can take advantage of:

Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s Cash are coupons that can be used like physical cash money.

For every $50 a customer spends on clothing and other items, they will receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash, which must be redeemed within ten days of being issued.

These coupons are stackable and can be used in one lump sum to save big on expensive purchases, both in-store and for online purchases.

Kohl’s only offers Kohl’s Cash seasonally, with in-store flyers and indicating when these coupons are available.

To learn more, you can also see our post on whether or not Kohl’s Cash expires.

Kohl’s Card

The Kohl’s Card is a Kohl’s brand credit card that can be used and paid for like a regular credit/debit card.

Rewards members can pair this card with Kohl’s Cash for additional savings on clothes, beauty products, and other qualifying products.

Additionally, first-time users receive a 35% discount on the first purchase made with a Kohl’s Card as well as an extra 15% off coupon when customers receive their card.

Birthday Discount

Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards program provides members with a $10 coupon during the month of their birth date.

Customers simply have to fill out their mailing information on and will receive a Kohl’s Gift Card in the mail.

Percent-Off and Dollar Off Discounts

Kohl’s regularly offers discounts that take a percentage or amount off of the original sale price of clothing, beauty products, jewelry, and other items.

These percent discounts usually range between 15% and 50% off and can be found in most Kohl’s departments.

Note that the dollar-off discounts will vary depending on the department but are most commonly placed at $10 off.

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Conclusion: Does Kohl’s Have A Student Discount

Kohl’s doesn’t offer student discounts all year round; however, it does host a Back to School sale during the Summer-Fall season for clothing, backpacks, stationery, dorm room furniture, and other essentials.

Students and other Kohl’s customers can save year-round on other discounts by taking advantage of programs such as Kohl’s Cash and staying up to date on seasonal discount sales.

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