Safeway Student Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways For Students To Save) 

Many grocery and retail stores offer discounts to students, particularly those who are attending high school and college. 

If you’re a student and shop at Safeway, perhaps you’re wondering if they offer a student discount. If so, continue reading through this article for more useful information. 

Does Safeway Have a Student Discount? 

Safeway offers a 5% discount to students in most of their physical stores. Students can also access discounts for Safeway online shopping through varied coupon websites. Additionally, Safeway also offers back-to-school deals and regular discounts on their store products that students can take advantage of.  

If you’d like to find out how to access Safeway’s student discount, when they offer back-to-school deals, and more, continue reading!

How Can I Get a Student Discount at Safeway?

To access the Safeway 5% student discount, students must bring their student ID with them when shopping at Safeway.  

Before purchasing groceries, household items, and other products, students must show their student ID to the customer service desk agent.  

Once they’ve confirmed they’re a student, customers can take advantage of the discount offered.  

Because this discount is not advertised by Safeway directly, customers should bear in mind that some Safeway locations may not be able to offer a student discount. 

If customers are unsure whether or not their local Safeway offers this discount, they can either phone the store or consult the customer service desk before selecting their groceries.   

Does Safeway Offer a Student Discount Online?

Safeway does not offer a regular student discount for customers who order their groceries online.

However, occasional student discounts can be found on coupon sites. 

These websites are known to be trustworthy, offering coupons catered directly to students.  

Customers should remember that these coupons may not work for every Safeway online location.

For example, a coupon from an American website may not work for Safeway Canada online. 

The most recent Safeway student coupons can be found on websites such as Hot Deals. However, customers should note that these coupons change regularly.  

Does Safeway Run Back to School Sales?

Does Safeway Run Back to School Sales?

In addition to their student discount, Safeway also participates in back-to-school sales in most of their stores in Canada and the US.  

Safeway specifically offers sales for school supplies and food items that are popular for school lunches.

Safeway offers back-to-school discounts on school supplies, such as the following: 

  • Notebooks 
  • School glue 
  • Paper  
  • Post-it notes 
  • Markers 
  • Colored pencils 
  • Mechanical pencils 
  • Dry erase markers 
  • Ballpoint pens 
  • Binders 

For school lunches and dorm room foods, Safeway offers discounts on the following: 

  • Rice Krispie bars 
  • Nutri-Grain bars 
  • Pop-Tarts 
  • belVita breakfast bars 
  • Signature bacon 
  • Lucerne milk 
  • Lunchables 
  • Pancake mix 
  • Gatorade 
  • Thomas Bagels 
  • Quaker Oats 

How Else Can Students Save Money at Safeway?

In addition to the student discount and back-to-school sales, Safeway also offers regular discounts on their produce, perishable and non-perishable foods, and other products. 

Customers from the United States who are Safeway Just For U members can access discounts on their Safeway App daily. 

Additionally, Safeway offers discounts for free grocery delivery, dollar-off food discounts, and other similar coupons. Coupons and discounts can also be found on Safeway’s flyer. 

To find discounts at Safeway, students can either download the Safeway App or visit their local store and consult the signage.  

Customers should bear in mind that Safeway changes its discounts daily. Therefore, specific discounts may not always be available.  

What Other Grocery Stores Offer Student Discounts?

In addition to Safeway, other grocery stores also offer student discounts.

In Canada, these stores are as follows: 

Metro, Real Canadian Superstore, Food Basics, Valu-Mart and Loblaws all offer their student discounts on Tuesdays. Bulk Barn offers their student discount on Wednesdays.  

If students don’t live in an area where a Safeway store is available, they can take advantage of these above discounts.

Unlike Safeway, the above mentioned stores offer higher discounts.

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While Safeway does not advertise their student discount, customers who present their student ID to customer service are eligible for a 5% off discount at most Safeway locations.

Safeway also offers back to school sales and online student coupons.

In addition to Safeway, students can access discounts at grocery stores such as Real Canadian Superstore, Metro, Food Basics and similar grocery stores for a higher value of 10-15% off. 

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