Does Lowe’s Drug Test? (Warning: Must Read)

Lowe’s is one of the leading hardware retailers in the United States, helping their customers improve their homes and businesses. With over 300,000 employees in the United States and Canada, Lowe’s can be a great company to work for.

Potential employees may be wondering if Lowe’s drug test, how they drug test and when Lowe’s employees are required to undergo drug tests. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned about the drug testing process at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

Lowe’s does drug test their employees as part of the hiring process and in the event of an incident at work where there has been an injury. Additionally, Lowe’s also reserves the right to have employees undergo random drug testing as per their contract. The most common form of drug test at Lowe’s is a mouth swab test.

For more information about Lowe’s drug tests, including what they drug test for if you can be hired for failing a drug test at Lowe’s, and more, then keep reading!

What is Lowe’s Drug Test Policy?

In order to keep workers and customers safe, Lowe’s has a strict drug test policy that applies to all employee levels, including part-time workers.

Supervisors and managers at Lowe’s are trained to observe, report and deal with drug-related issues in order to maintain this policy.

If any employee is found in possession of or under the influence of drugs while at Lowe’s, they are subject to immediate termination.

How Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

The most common form of drug test at Lowe’s is a mouth swab test, usually for potential employees. The mouth swab test used by Lowe’s will show if you have used any illicit substances in the past week.

Lowe’s uses a mouth swab drug test which is difficult to tamper with and can be administered under supervised observation.

Lowe’s will pay to have you undergo the test and they are conducted on-site, meaning the results come back quickly.

In circumstances such as accidents in the workplace or random drug testing, Lowe’s may employ urine drug testing, which occurs at a registered third-party site and provides more accurate results.

What Does Lowe’s Drug Test for?

Using a 5-panel drug test, Lowe’s can check their employees or potential employees for a range of illicit substances. Lowe’s may require more than a 5-panel drug test for employees who have been injured in the workplace.

If you are taking prescription drugs or have been given medication by a doctor, it is important you inform Lowe’s, as this can alter the outcome of your drug test.

Lowe’s will likely require you to provide proof of authorized prescription medication in order to pass your drug test.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test for Marijuana?

Does Lowe’s Drug Test for Marijuana?

Even in states where marijuana is legal, to successfully pass a Lowe’s drug test you must not possess any traces of the substance in your system.

While some employers have chosen to exclude marijuana from the list of substances they drug test for due to the legalization of some countries, Lowe’s has not yet adapted its drug test.

When Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

Lowe’s will often drug test new employees, employees who have been involved in an accident or incident at work, or random drug test employees suspected of using illicit substances.

Lowe’s will use a drug test during the hiring process, alongside an aptitude test, background test, and two or more interviews.

Usually, Lowe’s will request the drug test during your first interview, but it can be the second interview.

As per their rights and as stipulated in their employee contracts, Lowe’s reserves the right to randomly drug test employees they believe may be involved with drug use to prohibit dangerous behavior at work.

Lowe’s may be required to pay workers’ compensation for employees injured in an accident, so they will require you to undergo a drug test to ensure it was not caused by your own behavior.

Additionally, if an employee at Lowe’s has been involved in an accident, they may be required to pass a drug test in order to prove themselves eligible to return to work.

Does Lowe’s Random Drug Test?

While Lowe’s reserves the right to randomly drug tests their employees, online workers state that often, they do not exercise this right.

Lowe’s also does not require their employees to pass a drug test in order to receive a promotion at work.

Who Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

To keep their employees safe, Lowe’s conducts drug tests at every level of employment. This includes seasonal and part-time staff at Lowe’s, as well as managers and more senior levels of staff.

Due to some Lowe’s staff operating heavy machinery, including forklifts, trucks and tools such as saws, it is imperative they are not under the influence of drugs or any other substances as they can be hazardous to themselves and others.

Employment at Lowe’s is conditional on successfully passing a drug test, which is why it is required from all levels of staff.

Will Lowe’s Hire You if You Fail a Drug Test?

If you have been asked to undergo a drug test at a Lowe’s interview, it is unlikely you will be offered the position if you fail the drug test.

As well as successfully passing the drug test, Lowe’s requires workers to pass an aptitude test, background check and several interviews to be eligible for employment.

Successfully passing the drug test at Lowe’s is a condition of their employment to ensure they are keeping customers and workers safe while on the job.  

Lowe’s will likely contact you via call to inform you of the outcome of your drug test, and whether you are eligible for the next stage of the application process.

How Long Does It Take for a Lowe’s Drug Test to Come Back?

Due to Lowe’s choosing to use an oral swab for a drug test, the results of the drug test will be available quite quickly, compared to third-party vendor labs which can take up to 3 days.

Can I Reapply to Lowe’s if I Fail My Drug Test?

Lowe’s requires you to wait 90 days before reapplying if you have failed a drug test as a potential employee.

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Lowe’s drug test new and existing employees as per their drug test policy to keep their stores safe working environments Lowe’s will often use a mouth swab drug test as it provides fast results.

Offers of employment at Lowe’s are conditional on passing a drug test. New and existing employees at Lowe’s who fail the mandatory drug test risk termination due to violating Lowe’s drug policy.

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