Lowe’s Termination Policy (All You Need to Know)

Lowe’s is a leading hardware retailer that employs over 300,000 associates within the United States and Canada. While Lowe’s can be a great company to work for, not all staff members are suitable for the job.

Those working at Lowe’s may be wondering about their termination policy, including what it is, what happens if you get fired from Lowe’s, and what happens to your benefits. I’ve done the research, and here is what I found out!

Lowe’s Termination Policy

Lowe’s termination policy is called Employee Transition and is often effective immediately. Those fired from Lowe’s can reapply within 6 months and are able to contact My Lowe’s Benefits for advice and information. Additionally, Lowe’s employees can be fired for breaching the Lowe’s Code of Conduct or for poor performance.

For more information about Lowe’s termination policy, including what you can be fired for, what the termination process is like, and more, keep reading!

How Does Lowe’s Termination Policy Work?

Lowe’s termination policy is often presented as Employee Transition Information as it is presented to workers during the period of separation.

Lowe’s may terminate employees for a variety of reasons, including their zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol being breached, repeated absence, or poor job performance and behavior.

What Happens if I Get Fired from Lowe’s?

If you are terminated from Lowe’s employment, your supervisor or manager will be obligated to inform you.

Once you have been terminated from employment at Lowe’s, you will be required to complete the information through the Employee Transition documents to settle matters such as medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

Lowe’s offers employees undergoing the transition the to contact My Lowe’s Benefits at 844-475-6937 for additional information.

How Many Warnings Until I’m Fired From Lowe’s?

If you are terminated from Lowe’s, you will likely have received an initial warning.

Initial warnings from Lowe’s can be given for repeated issues such as poor attendance or violating company policy.

For example, to be issued an initial warning for Lowe’s, you may have been late 3 times within a 30-day time period.

Lowe’s does not issue second warnings; if you continue to repeat issues such as poor attendance, it will likely be a termination of your employment following your first warning.

Can Lowe’s Fire You for No Reason?

Some Lowe’s employees are referred to as ‘at-will’ employees, which means Lowe’s reserves the right to terminate these workers with no reason or provocation.

As with many businesses, Lowe’s is unable to terminate employees on the basis of discrimination as per their Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

This means Lowe’s cannot terminate employees based on factors including race, sex, color, or religion.

Can You Get Rehired at Lowe’s?

Can You Get Rehired at Lowe’s?

Depending on the reason for your termination at Lowe’s, it may be possible to be rehired depending on the staffing situation. Lowe’s states that rehire are always welcome at their company.

If you speak to a Lowe’s manager, they will be able to inform you if you are eligible to apply.

In most cases, you can be rehired at Lowe’s after a period of 6 months. If you apply to work at Lowe’s online, it will be noted you are a previous employee which may help you garner favor with the company.

Can You Work for Lowe’s After Being Fired?

If you were terminated from Lowe’s for negative reasons, such as violating their code of conduct, poor performance, or giving no notice, it likely means you are not eligible for a rehire.

Contacting the Lowe’s manager at the store you wish to apply for and explaining your circumstances will indicate whether or not you are eligible to work at Lowe’s after being fired.

How Do I Keep My Benefits After Lowe’s Termination?

Once you have been terminated from Lowe’s, you will lose access to any relevant insurance you may have gained through the company.

By completing the relevant forms as outlined within the Employee Transition Information, it is possible to retain your insurance with COBRA, although you will now be liable for costs.

However, voluntary benefit insurance plans, which include MetLife Home/Auto and Hyatt Prepaid Legal Plan, cannot be retained after leaving Lowe’s and will be stopped at the employee’s termination date.

How Do I Receive My Final Pay from Lowe’s?

Your final pay from Lowe’s will likely be given to you via Direct Deposit if this is the scheme you are enrolled in. It is the employee’s duty to clear existing balances for payroll, missed insurance, or benefits reimbursement following termination at Lowe’s.

For more information on receiving final pay, employees can contact Lowe’s HR Shared Services at 1-844-HRLOWES or 1-844-475-6937.

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Workers at Lowe’s may be terminated for a variety of reasons, including poor attendance, poor work performance, or repeated issues while at work.

For those who wish to reapply to Lowe’s, it may be possible after a period of six months. If you were terminated from Lowe’s for poor behaviour, it is unlikely you will be eligible to be rehired.

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