Lowe’s Quitting Policy (All You Need to Know)

Leading hardware retailer Lowe’s employs around 300,000 associates to help within their stores. To facilitate employees who wish to leave, Lowe’s has a quitting policy in place.

Employees who are considering other careers may be wondering what Lowe’s quitting policy is, how it works, and what is the best way to quit working at the retailer. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned!

Lowe’s Quitting Policy

Lowe’s will accept a letter of resignation as proof of you quitting your job. Provide your manager with a verbal warning of your resignation. Ideally, you should give Lowe’s two weeks’ notice before leaving. If you wish to reapply to Lowe’s, you must wait six months.

For more information about Lowe’s quitting policy, including how to quit, how much notice you should give and how to give it, and if Lowe’s blacklists former employees, then keep reading!

What Happens When You Quit Lowe’s?

When you quit Lowe’s, you will be given documentation referred to as the Employee Transition Information.

This is to make it easier for employees quitting Lowe’s to finalize any paperwork or relevant information needed.

All current insurance coverage granted through Lowe’s ends on the date of your termination; however, there is the option to continue your coverage privately.

You will likely work your last shifts at Lowe’s, determined by your notice period after you resign.

How Much Notice Do I Give at Lowe’s?

The notice period required is at the discretion of each individual Lowe’s store and is dependent on your role within the company. For example, managers may need to give a longer notice period at Lowe’s.

As with other retailers, it is ideal for giving Lowe’s two weeks’ notice of your intent to quit. This allows Lowe’s to find time to replace you or cover your shifts, as well as allowing you to retain the pay from those shifts.

Leaving Lowe’s politely and through the correct channels ensures a better prospect of a positive reference for your time in the position and the option to return to employment if you wanted to. Lowe’s actively welcomes back former employees.

Former employees of Lowe’s have reported online that you may give your two weeks’ notice but be asked to leave early. For example, if you have taken a job with a competitor, Lowe’s may ask you not to work the two weeks and pay you instead.

Lowe’s may also accept your resignation instantly, and you will not be required to work any final shifts.

How Do I Quit My Job at Lowe’s?

A formal written or typed letter of resignation is the best way to announce your intent to quit your job at Lowe’s, as well as verbally informing your manager.

It is important to include your name, the current date, employee number, your intent to quit, and the notice period you will give, including the date of your final shift at Lowe’s (if known).

Your letter of resignation for Lowe’s should ideally be given to your supervisor, assistant manager or store manager.

It is good practice to thank Lowe’s for the opportunity to work there, as this is likely to give you a better reference and opportunity for re-employment.

Does Lowe’s Allow Transfers?

Does Lowe’s Allow Transfers?

If you do not wish to quit your job at Lowe’s but can no longer work at your current store, it is possible for Lowe’s to transfer you to another store.

If you transfer to a store within another state, you will be required to undergo a background check and other processes similar to new employment at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Blacklist Former Employees?

Lowe’s does not have a policy where they blacklist former employees who have quit or left for other reasons. The retailer actively welcomes back former Lowe’s employees and is open to rehiring.

Lowe’s does have a 6-month waiting period before unsuccessful applicants, or former workers can reapply to work there, but this is due to Lowe’s system.

However, if you were terminated from Lowe’s for issues such as theft, breaking their code of conduct, or other serious issues, you may not be eligible to be rehired at Lowe’s due to these previous digressions.

Contacting your former manager or the Lowe’s store where you wish to apply is the best way to determine if you are eligible to be rehired at Lowe’s.

Will Lowe’s Rehire You if You Quit?

Yes, Lowe’s may be willing to rehire you if you have previously quit your job there. Depending on the circumstances of your leaving your job at Lowe’s, you may be welcomed back after a period of 6 months.

Applying to Lowe’s online will alert the system that you are a former employee which may make it easier to be rehired. Alternatively, contact the manager of the Lowe’s store you wish to apply to and notify them.

If you are a Lowe’s employee, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not Lowe’s drug test, Lowe’s termination policy, and Lowe’s dress code.


Lowe’s quitting policy is similar to other retailers, as it is good practice to give two weeks’ notice and provide a formal letter of resignation. Being polite while quitting your job at Lowe’s increases your chances of a good reference to provide your next job.

Those who quit their job at Lowe’s will be provided with Employee Transition Information which will inform them of everything they need to complete before they leave. If you wish to reapply to Lowe’s, you will need to wait six months.

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