Does Lowe’s Giveaway Free Pallets? (Your Complete Guide)

Lowe’s is a leading hardware retailer and is a favorite amongst those looking to undertake DIY projects. 

However, visitors to Lowe’s may be wondering if the retailer is able to give away free pallets to customers. After looking into it, here is what I have learned!

Does Lowe’s Giveaway Free Pallets?

At some stores, Lowe’s is able to give away their unwanted pallets to customers who ask for them. Additionally, some Lowe’s pallets are recycled as per their sustainability scheme, so it is recommended customers ask for available pallets. Alternatively, for pallets, customers can visit Walmart, Home Depot, and local hardware stores.

For more information about getting free pallets from Lowe’s, including if you can take the pallets behind Lowe’s, what Lowe’s does with their old pallets, and more, keep reading!

How Do I Get Free Pallets from Lowe’s?

Online shoppers have reported that the best way to obtain free pallets from Lowe’s is to ask the members of staff and management at your local Lowe’s.

It is also possible to call your local Lowe’s in advance and ask about the availability of pallets before you make the journey.

In most cases, Lowe’s will often give away pallets if they are available as it saves the store money and employees the work of disposing of them.

Customers who request free pallets from Lowe’s will be responsible for removing and transporting the pallets.

One thing to note is that the availability of pallets at Lowe’s varies depending on the store.

Can You Take the Pallets Behind Lowe’s?

Can You Take the Pallets Behind Lowe’s?

While online shoppers have stated it is possible to get free pallets from Lowe’s, it is illegal to take pallets from Lowe’s without permission.

Lowe’s recycles and reuses some of their pallets and requires them for loading. Therefore, customers are not recommended to take them without asking, even if they appear unattended behind Lowe’s.

Workers at Lowe’s online have stated that some pallets, including colored woos and metal pallets, are owned by certain brands and must be reused or returned to the manufacturer.

If customers take these branded pallets, it can cost Lowe’s money to replace them and compromise Lowe’s employees’ abilities to perform their jobs correctly.

If you are caught attempting to take pallets from Lowe’s, it may result in charges of shoplifting.

What Does Lowe’s Do with Old Pallets?

As well as reusing some branded pallets, Lowe’s also works to recycle and reuse their pallets to help save natural resources.

Lowe’s states they use core pallets and recycled wood from over 1000 stores to regional distribution centers. Lowe’s reduces the need for new wood by reusing, repairing, and recycling their old pallets.

While not all their products are recyclable, they aim to create mulch from over 13,000 truckloads of components, including pallets.

Some Lowe’s stores involved in schemes such as this may not be able to give away free pallets as they are required by their store policy to recycle them.

Online store workers state that they often receive money or incentives to recycle their old pallets, meaning there may not be any free pallets available for customers.

Where Else Can I Get Free Pallets from Besides Lowe’s?

As well as Lowe’s, other retailers may be able to provide shoppers with free pallets.

Stores such as Target and Lowe’s direct competitor Home Depot may be able to provide customers with free pallets.

Alternatively, smaller locally owned stores, including hardware, furniture, and even pet stores, may be able to provide free wooden pallets.

Contacting local retailers may be the best way to acquire free pallets from stores other than Lowe’s.

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