Can You Get Free Pallets From Walmart? (Full Guide)

Craftspeople are increasingly on the search for free pallets to utilize for DIY missions or construction.

Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not you might be able to get free wooden pallets from the Walmart loading dock. Here is what I discovered!

Can You Get Free Pallets From Walmart?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer free wooden pallets from anywhere in the store, including the loading zone. Walmart does however stock various wooden pallets for DIY craft use and industrial use. Instead, you can go to construction sites or Home Depot to get free pallets.

To learn more about pallets from Walmart, and some alternative locations, keep on reading!

Where Can I Find Free Pallets?

Walmart does not provide the public with free pallets, they are simply reused or recycled by the company.

However, you can find free pallets at the following: 

  • Home Depots
  • Construction Sites 
  • Small Retailers 
  • Liquor Stores

How Much are Pallets at Walmart?

Prices vary between $4 and $142. Basic 11.8” X 15.8” plaid large wood pallets are available singularly or in packs of 2 priced between $4 and $10.

For those looking for more advanced pallets, Walmart offers branded goods such as Partners Brand 24 X 24, recycled wood 10 pack priced at $141.92.

Plastic pallets suited to industrial use can be bought at Walmart, prices range between $34 and $175. Heavy Duty Aluminium pallets can be found for $495.

Select pallets can be sold and shipped, additional delivery fees may be charged. Walmart’s own pallets are available for free pick up.

Why Should I Purchase Pallets from Walmart?

Walmart Pallets are made from U.S sourced, sustainable, natural wood. Purchasing clean, healthy pallets eliminates health risks.

Free pallets run the risk of being contaminated with poisonous food bacteria such as E Coli and harsh chemicals.

Select Walmart products are safely stained for decorative effectiveness whereas free pallets are often stained with harmful products such as Petroleum.

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No, Walmart does not offer free pallets. You are welcome to purchase Walmart owned or branded pallets in store or online. Walmart offers singular pallets or multi-packs priced between $4 and $142. Pallets special for construction and crafts can be sold separately. Selected products are available for shipping online, otherwise scheduled pick up.  

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