Does Lowe’s Have A Contractor Discount? (+ Other Ways Contractors Can Save)

Contractors buy hundreds of products every year, so finding savings at home improvement retailers like Lowe’s is an important part of the business.

I wanted to know whether Lowe’s had a discount for contractors, so I’ve done some research, and here’s what I’ve managed to find out!

Does Lowe’s Have A Contractor Discount?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t offer a contractor discount. Lowe’s does, however, have many ways for contractors to save, which include bulk buying discounts, Lowe’s contractor packs, and the Lowe’s Pro customer plan.

Now you know that there isn’t a specific contractor discount at Lowe’s, check out the rest of my research to find out whether Lowe’s offers contractor pricing, what Lowe’s contractor packs are and the ins and outs of a Lowe’s Pro customer.

Does Lowe’s Offer Contractor Pricing?

Lowe’s offers its Volume Savings Program to contractors, whereby customers can save on bulk purchases.

For purchases of at least $1,500, customers can head over to the Pro desk at Lowe’s and request a quote. Then, an associate will process the request, and you will be given a specialized quote for your order.

The quote Lowe’s provides is valid for up to seven days, and savings may differ across stores.

What Are Lowe’s Contractor Packs?

Lowe’s Contractor Packs are specially discounted, bulk-buy items designed specifically for contractor’s needs. The packs offer savings to contractors on frequently used items, such as nails and screws.

The Lowe’s Contractor Packs usually come in yellow or black and allow customers to stock up on essentials while saving a significant amount of money.

What Is A Pro Customer At Lowe’s?

At Lowe’s, you can enroll in the Lowe’s 4 Pros plan to receive special benefits. For example, some of the Lowe’s 4 Procs benefits include:

  • Bulk savings, with the Lowe’s Volume Savings Program
  • Specialized delivery options
  • Pro parking and loaders to keep you moving as you stock up at Lowe’s
  • Tool rental (at selected stores)
  • Specialized Pro team in-store

Lowe’s 4 Pros is designed to help contractors and other pros grow their businesses with the support of Lowe’s.

How Much Is Lowe’s Pro Discount?

How Much Is Lowe’s Pro Discount?

While there is no specific discount with the Lowe’s 4 Pros program, you can receive specialized discounts and offers.

With Lowe’s 4 Pros, you will also be eligible for the Volume Savings Program, where you will receive specialized savings quotes.

What Is Lowe’s Savings Center?

Lowe’s Savings Center is an excellent place for contractors to save when shopping online. The home improvement retailer offers exclusive online discounts on everything from tools to home décor.

The Lowe’s Savings Center allows you to save exclusively on online items, and it frequently runs holiday-specific savings as well.

What Other Discounts Does Lowe’s Offer?

Lowe’s offers other specific discounts which you can use year-round if you’re eligible. For example, some of the year-round deals at Lowe’s include:

If you qualify for either of these discounts, you can use them to save on almost all products offered by Lowe’s, though some restrictions may apply.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Other Stores?

Lowe’s does price match other stores, including online stores, and as a contractor, you may be able to save some money at Lowe’s if you can find a better deal elsewhere.

However, you will need to present this deal to a Lowe’s associate for the item to be price-matched.

Lowe’s price matching program includes shipping and delivery costs of the matched product as part of the new price.

Additionally, you cannot use Lowe’s price-matching program in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Lowe’s price matching service excludes some products and services, including installation services and discontinued, used, and refurbished items.

It’s also important to note that price matches have to be completed in-store, and you cannot use them for online purchases at

When Is The Best Time To Shop At Lowe’s To Save Money?

For contractors, saving money is ideal when shopping for supplies. To save at Lowe’s, knowing when to shop for specific products can help you to stock up and save.

The best time to shop is May through August if you’re looking to save on flooring, paint, lighting, sinks, faucets, cabinets, and windows.

On the other hand, the best time to shop is in November and December to find savings on tools, cleaning products, and storage.

Though, as a contractor, these times may not always be timed with the jobs that come your way, knowing these months means you can stock up on essential items for future jobs.

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