Does Lowe’s Price Match Costco? (All You Need to Know)

Lowe’s is a great retailer to pick up all of your essential hardware products and services. To keep prices competitive, Lowe’s offers price matching with other retailers for identical items.

Shoppers at Lowe’s may be wondering if they can price match with Costco, which is known for selling its products in bulk sizes. I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have learned about Lowe’s price-matching policy!

Does Lowe’s Price Match Costco?

Lowe’s can price-match Costco for identical items as long as they are in stock at both retailers. Additionally, customers must provide proof to Lowe’s staff of the lower price at Costco to qualify for the price match, which will need to be verified to be approved.

For more information about Lowe’s price matching with Costco, including what items you can price match, how to get a price match in-store, online, and more, then keep reading!

What Items Can I Price Match Costco With At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s will price match a wide variety of items that Costco also sells. For an item to be eligible for a price match at Lowe’s, the Costco item must be identical and not be discounted or on sale.

For example, the product must be the same size, color, brand, and quantity to be eligible for a price match.

As Costco tends to sell items in bulk or larger quantities, it can be difficult to price-match Costco items at Lowe’s.

Additionally, the staff at Lowe’s will verify if the item at Costco is eligible for a price match.

Popular brands sold at both Lowe’s and Costco that you can price match include:

  • Little Giant
  • Safety 1st
  • Leatherman
  • Energizer
  • Dyson
  • Stanley
  • Quickset

How Do I Price Match Costco At Lowe’s?

To receive a price match for Costco at Lowe’s, you need to bring proof of the lower price at Costco to a Lowe’s checkout station.

To prove Costco offers a lower price, you can use magazine or news advertisements, website printouts, or live on a device such as a mobile phone.

Lowe’s staff will use the proof of a lower price at Costco to verify the price match. Once a staff member confirms the price at Costco, Lowe’s can process the price match at the checkout like a regular transaction.

Can I Price Match Costco At Lowe’s Online?

Can I Price Match Costco At Lowe’s Online?

As well as the in-store process at Lowe’s, it’s also possible to get a price match with Costco online.

To begin the price match process online at Lowe’s, contact Lowe’s Customer Care at 1-877-465-6937 or 1-877-GO-LOWES and provide proof of the lower price Costco offers.

Once the Lowe’s Customer Care team has verified the price match with Costco, they will assist you with processing the order.

Are There Exceptions To Price Matching Costco At Lowe’s?

While Lowe’s is happy to price match with competing retailer Costco, some products and items are exceptions to the price match policy.

For example, Lowe’s cannot price match some Costco items, such as special order products, damaged, liquidation, closeout, or discontinued items.

Do I Need A Costco Membership To Price Match At Lowe’s?

To receive a price match for Costco at Lowe’s, you do not need to possess a Costco membership.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, Costco memberships start at $60 annually, whereas Lowe’s doesn’t require membership.

Shoppers have reported that if you don’t possess a Costco membership, you can accompany a Costco member to gain access to products sold in bulk.

Will Costco Price Match Lowe’s?

While Lowe’s will price-match Costco, Costco cannot price-match other retailers. With that, Costco cannot price-match stores such as Lowe’s or other wholesale clubs.

What Other Stores Will Price Match Costco?

As well as Lowe’s, other stores will price-match Costco. Some other wholesale stores, including Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale, can price-match Costco.

Stores, including Lowe’s competitor Home Depot, can also price match Costco, as well as Target, Kohl’s, and Best Buy.

To know more about price matches, you can also read our posts on whether or not Lowe’s price matches Home Depot, if Lowe’s price matches Amazon, and if Target price matches Lowe’s.

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