Does McDonald’s Hire Felons? (Must Read Before Applying)

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world, so it makes sense if you’d like to get a job there. But you may wonder- does McDonald’s hire felons?

So, do you want to know if any specific felonies disqualify you from a job at McDonald’s? If so, continue reading below to learn what I’ve discovered while researching this topic!

Does McDonald’s Hire Felons In 2024?

Some McDonald’s locations will hire felons, but it depends on whether you’re applying for a job at a corporate store location or a franchise in 2024. Franchise owners can choose to hire felons or not since they make the rules. Additionally, this depends on which state you live in, the specific felony crime, and how long ago the felony occurred.

Do you want to know additional facts about McDonald’s hiring felons, including whether they run a background check? Well, keep reading to learn all about the process before you apply!

Can You Get Hired at McDonald’s with a Felony?

According to former and current employees, you can get hired at McDonald’s with a felony, and even felony charges that you just caught within the past year.

For example, one employee stated they had just gotten out of jail and had been hired by McDonald’s within days, so you may be hired regardless.

Most fast-food restaurants are known to be felon-friendly, which means they are more likely than other businesses to hire felons, even with recent convictions.

However, it depends on whether you’re working at a franchise location or corporate store since franchise owners have leeway on who to hire and bring into their store.

Does McDonald’s Do Background Checks?

McDonald’s does perform a background check on potential employees most of the time, which can take anywhere from one day to one week to complete.

That being said, franchise owners may choose to not run a background check on employees, as franchise owners dictate the rules for their stores, including when to run background checks.

Also, when you go in for an interview is when McDonald’s will request information and your consent to run the background check, and you’ll need to show identification before it can be run.

What Does McDonald’s Look for in a Background Check?

McDonald’s will first want to verify the information you’ve provided on your application, including whether or not you were honest about any felony or misdemeanor convictions or charges.

Furthermore, McDonald’s will look at your criminal history over the past 7 years to decide whether or not to hire you per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Any arrests, charges, and convictions will show up during the background check, although a credit report is not a part of the check.

Additionally, McDonald’s can run a state search or just perform a county search, but typically the company uses a national database.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony For Theft?

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Theft?

McDonald’s may or may not hire you for felony theft, depending on when the theft occurred and the specific nature of the charges.

For example, if the felony theft occurred five years ago, you’re likely to be hired, but if it was four months ago, then McDonald’s probably will not hire you.

It also depends on the job you’re applying for, so if you applied for a cashier position, you’re more likely to be turned down as opposed to someone managing the grill or fryer.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Drug Offenses?

McDonald’s could hire you if you have a felony drug offense on your record, but it will depend on when the drug conviction happened and if you’ve completed any treatment.

Furthermore, if the drug charge was for marijuana, McDonald’s is more likely to hire you than if you had heroin or cocaine felony charges since those are more serious drug offenses.

Having said that, even small felony drug offenses could prevent you from getting a job at McDonald’s, and the company does not state it will hire you for these offenses.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Assault?

McDonald’s is more unlikely to hire you if you’ve been charged or convicted of a felony assault, especially if it occurred recently as opposed to several years ago.

Specifically, since McDonald’s regularly deals with customers, any violent charge or conviction is going to likely disqualify you from a job at McDonald’s due to safety concerns.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Domestic Violence?

McDonald’s is unlikely to hire someone with a felony domestic violence charge or conviction because of safety concerns for both employees and customers.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

McDonald’s does not drug test, according to both former and current employees, although you’ll be drug tested if you get hurt on the job as part of Workman’s Compensation.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about a drug test as a condition of employment, but it’s always better to go into a job interview prepared for the possibility of being asked to take one.

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McDonald’s does sometimes hire felons, although it depends on the nature of the crime and how long ago the crime occurred, with violent crimes almost guaranteeing you’ll be disqualified.

Additionally, background checks may or may not be performed depending on whether you are working for a corporate location or a franchise, but it would be after your job interview. The background check will go back 7 years and look at arrests, charges, and convictions.

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