Does Meijer Pay Weekly or Biweekly? (All You Need to Know)

The commonly used payment cycle is either weekly or biweekly, wherein a company chooses a specific day to pay its employees, either on weekly terms or after two weeks.

That being said, if you would like to work at Meijer and you’re interested to know when the store pays its employees, read on and learn valuable information regarding this topic!

Does Meijer Pay Weekly or Biweekly In 2024?

Meijer pays its employees weekly across all of its stores in 2024. The official payday for Meijer is Monday, but most employees receive their pay on Thursday. On average, Meijer pays its employees $12.70 per hour, depending on the state and role. Additionally, the store offers its employees paid time off, among other benefits.

Keep reading if you’re curious about when Meijer pays its employees, how much they get paid, and much more!

What Day Does Meijer Pay?

Meijer’s official payday is Monday. However, payments reflect on the employees’ bank accounts on Thursday.

How Much Does Meijer Pay?

Meijer pays an average of $12.70 per hour. The hourly rate for any job position at Meijer ranges between $10.41- $18.57, depending on the store’s location and the employee’s position.

Managerial positions such as Asset Protection Manager are highly paid at an average rate of $19.88 per hour, while employees such as Sales Associates get the least pay, $11.28 per hour.

The table below shows some of the job positions at Meijer and the hourly rate:

Job Position Average Hourly Rate
Inventory Coordinator $13
Stocker $11
Gas Station Attendant $13
Cashier $12
Asset Protection Manager $20
Produce Clerk $12
Sales Associate $11

How Much Are Union Dues at Meijer?

Meijer’s union due is $8 per paycheck for all employees, regardless of their working hours or position. Nonetheless, it is voluntary to join a union while working at Meijer.

How Often Does Meijer Give Raises?

Meijer gives its employees raises depending on the position and how long they have been working in the stores.

You should expect a pay raise as a new employee after working with Meijer for 90 days. Furthermore, existing employees get a raise every six months and yearly.

Notably, the pay raise is a reward for well-performing and exceptional employees. The raised rate ranges between 1% and 3% of your scheduled payments.

Does Meijer Hold Your First Check?

Meijer does not hold your first check. Rather, you will receive your payment after a week of working at Meijer.

Does Meijer Do Direct Deposit?

Fortunately, Meijer does a direct deposit, also referred to as an automatic payroll deduction. With a Meijer Credit Union account, Meijer deposits your paychecks electronically each payday.

It is a safe and fast way to get your pay, unlike waiting for paper checks to clear. If, for instance, you get paid at Meijer on Friday, you should have access to your funds by Wednesday.

Does Meijer Pay Orientation?

Does Meijer Pay Orientation?

Meijer pays for orientation and also the training employees receive before hiring. The orientation process entails new employees learning about products at Meijer and its culture.

The process takes 2-3 days of verbal and computer training on Meijer products. A successful orientation process implies that you are on Meijer’s pay schedule.

How Often Does Meijer Pay Employees?

Meijer pays its employees every week. The payday is consistent but may differ from one employee to another.

Employees get their pay depending on their type of accounts. Monday is payday, but some employees get paid on Thursday.

How Much of a Discount Do Meijer Employees Get?

Meijer employees are entitled to a 10% discount on general merchandise. However, the discount does not apply to cosmetics, diapers, medicine, baby food, and groceries.

In addition, the discount exempts gift cards and cellphone cards.

Does Meijer Have Paid Time Off?

Meijer has a Paid Time Off and vacation policy which gives its employees 0-10 off days per year. The Paid Time Off is among the many benefits Meijer offers its employees.

Do You Get Holiday Pay at Meijer?

Fortunately, Meijer offers holiday pay to its employees. However, to benefit from the holiday pay, employees should have worked at Meijer for at least three months.

The amount you will receive for holiday pay will be determined by the number of hours you have worked during the week.

At Meijer, holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, Fourth of July, New Year’s Day, and Memorial Day.

Does Meijer Pay in Checks?

At Meijer, employees can choose to get paid by check or direct deposit. The method you choose to receive your payment determines how soon you receive your pay.

Paper checks take longer to reflect in your account compared to direct deposits.

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In a nutshell, Meijer pays its employees once per week, precisely every Monday. However, employees do not receive their payments all at the same time.

The variance is due to different payment choices. Meijer’s pays range between $10 and $19 depending on their positions. 

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