Does North Korea Have McDonald’s? (Full Guide)

McDonald’s operates in over 110 different countries. However, some locations do not have a McDonald’s for various reasons, such as the state government or feuds with America.

North Korea is a country that people don’t know much about, so you might wonder if North Korea has McDonald’s. Read on because I’m going to tell you the answer and much more!

Does North Korea Have McDonald’s?

North Korea does not have McDonald’s anywhere within the country as of [currentyear]. However, it’s been said that the isolated country would like to have one. That said, North Korea does not like American culture or businesses, so they have banned all Western chains. However, there are restaurants in North Korea, but they’re all owned by the government.

If you want to know more about North Korea and if any American fast-food restaurants exist in the country, keep reading!

Why Doesn’t North Korea Have McDonald’s?

North Korea does not have McDonald’s because the country is against American businesses and wants nothing to do with American culture, including fast food like McDonald’s.

Additionally, North Korea is a totalitarian government, and those living in North Korea don’t even own their own houses!

Also, there are rumors some North Korean government officials sneak McDonald’s in by going to South Korea and bringing it back even though it’s banned.

Furthermore, there have been rumors in the past several years that North Korea was interested in McDonald’s, but that hasn’t turned into anything serious yet.

Is There KFC in North Korea?

Unfortunately, there is no KFC or any other Western chain fast-food restaurant in North Korea, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

That said, things will only change if North Korea fundamentally changes its totalitarian government or starts warming up to American culture and businesses.

Are There Restaurants in North Korea?

Are There Restaurants In North Korea? McDonald's

Yes, North Korea does have restaurants within the country, even though American fast-food chains are banned. But, North Korea keeps a close watch on the restaurants in the country. 

Furthermore, the North Korean government owns more than 130 restaurants throughout the country called Pyongyang, although it’s controversial and designed to bring in foreign currency.

While no one is free in North Korea, these restaurants provide imagery and humanity to the country.

What’s the Most Popular Restaurant in North Korea?

Pyongyang is the most popular restaurant in North Korea, and the government runs it.

At Pyongyang establishments, you’ll find young women working as servers bringing the food to all the customers.

Additionally, the government picks people who work at restaurants, so citizens can’t simply apply or choose their work in North Korea.

Also, the women are constantly monitored in Pyongyang to ensure they follow the rules and are responsible for singing pop songs and performing traditional music for the guests.

On top of that, the people who work in the restaurants must live next door in a dorm-like building.

Finally, Pyongyang is lucrative for the government in North Korea and annually generates around $10 million, but that’s a violation of U.N. sanctions which limits foreign currency to North Korea.

Are There Hamburgers in North Korea?

Yes, North Korea does have hamburgers, and the most popular burger place is the Green Leaf Coffee Shop, which is the closest to American cuisine you’ll find.

That said, the Green Leaf Coffee Shop has 1970s decor with uniforms for the women to wear and serve items like beef burgers and cheeseburgers.

Also, you can find burgers with kimchi at this restaurant, and instead of buns, you can get rice for a different taste.

Furthermore, it’s similar to McDonald’s in the packaging the burgers come in and the carton the chips come in, but it’s nowhere near as good as American fast-food restaurants.

However, for North Korea, the Green Leaf Coffee Shop is the only option for burgers that are at least a little similar to American cuisine and culture.

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