Does O’Reilly Price Match? (AutoZone, Amazon, Walmart + Other FAQs)

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the oldest and dominant auto parts retailers, with 5,759 stores across the U.S. and 25 stores in Mexico.

Customers will always look out for lower prices when shopping for automotive parts. So, does O’Reilly offer better prices than its competitors? Does it price match them? Here’s all you need to know.

Does O’Reilly Price Match In 2024?

Fortunately, O’Reilly does price match its competitors, including AutoZone, Advance Auto, and Walmart, as of 2024. However, this price match policy only applies to similar products that are available in-store. Furthermore, O’Reilly will only price match the local competitors, however, this does not extend to online stores such as RockAuto and Amazon.

Read on for more information about O’Reilly’s price matching policy and how it applies to other auto retailers!

What Is O’Reilly’s Price Match Policy?

O’Reilly price match policy is known as the Low Price Guarantee. While they have this policy available in its stores, you have to meet some conditions for the request to be accepted.

This Low Price Guarantee is mostly applicable to most local competitors. However, O’Reilly will not price-match online competitors.

Furthermore, the pricing will differ depending on the location because the sales tax is not constant in each state.

Therefore, O’Reilly will match with companies in a specific area depending on the pricing.

Additionally, O’Reilly will only offer a lower price if the product is identical in both stores and is in stock.

How Can You Request A Price Match At O’Reilly’s?

To request a price match at O’Reilly stores, you have to show proof of the competitor’s price.

If you are shopping in-store, you can show the O’Reilly staff an advertisement of the lower price or a picture of the price tag to get the lower price.

Moreover, if this meets the store’s conditions, the store manager will approve your price match guarantee.

Do All O’Reilly Stores Price Match?

Most O’Reilly locations will price match based on the company policy. Therefore, as long as you have proof of the competitor store’s lower price, O’Reilly will match you easily.

However, you need to know that the price match request is at the discretion of the store manager; therefore, they can approve or deny your request for a lower price.

Additionally, you have to meet all the conditions, such as the items must be in stock and the products should be comparable with the same warranty.

Does O’Reilly Give Price Adjustments After Purchase?

Unfortunately, O’Reilly does not adjust prices after the purchase has been made.

Therefore, if you discover a competitor has a lower price on an identical product after making the payment, O’Reilly will not adjust its price.

Furthermore, you can’t return the item to an O’Reilly store to get a lower price.

Can You Price Match And Also Use A Coupon at O’Reilly?

Can You Price Match And Also Use A Coupon at O’Reilly?

O’Reilly offers its customers several coupons and promotions to ensure that they get products at a lower price.

However, if you already have a price match on certain products, you can’t use a coupon because the cost has already been lowered.

Does O’Reilly Price Match AutoZone?

O’Reilly and AutoZone are major competitors in the automotive parts and accessories market because they sell similar products.

Therefore, because of this, O’Reilly will price match AutoZone if you found a lower price.

Additionally, both O’Reilly and AutoZone have many stores across the U.S.; therefore, both stores have many locations.

Furthermore, because of this, customers can easily compare prices in both stores and request a low price guarantee.

Does O’Reilly Price Match Advance Auto Parts?

Similar to O’Reilly, Advance Auto Parts is an American automotive parts provider with stores in the U.S. and other countries.

Since the two stores are competitors and sell identical products, you can request a price match at O’Reilly if you find a product at a lower price at Advance Auto Parts.

Does O’Reilly Price Match Walmart?

Although Walmart is not a direct competitor, they have an auto section that sells parts and accessories that can also be found at O’Reilly.

Therefore, if you have proof of a lower-priced product from Walmart, you can request a price match at O’Reilly for comparable products.

However, in some cases, O’Reilly might not price match retailers such as Walmart because they don’t specialize in the car parts business.

On some occasions, this depends on the individual store manager’s discretion.

Does O’Reilly Price Match Amazon?

According to O’Reilly’s price match policy, the retailer does not offer low prices against online competitors like Amazon.

Furthermore, Amazon is a third-party seller; therefore, O’Reilly is unable to price-match them.

If you find identical auto parts at Amazon, you can’t get the low price guarantee from O’Reilly.

Additionally, this policy applies even when Amazon has discounts during periods such as Black Friday.

Does O’Reilly Price Match RockAuto?

Just like with Amazon, O’Reilly does not price match RockAuto because they are primarily an online retailer.

Therefore, you might not get a lower price even when RockAuto has lower prices.

Does O’Reilly Price Match NAPA?

NAPA tends to be more costly than O’Reilly; however, you can request a price match if you get auto parts at a lower price.

Like O’Reilly, NAPA also has a huge number of stores, more than 6,000, making it easier to get proof of lower prices.

Does O’Reilly Price Match Pep Boys?

Since Pep Boys and O’Reilly specialize in the same products and services, customers can get a price match easily.

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O’Reilly does price match its competitors, however, this price match policy only applies to similar products that are available in-store. Furthermore, this policy does not extend to online stores such as RockAuto and Amazon.

You should also bring proof of the lower price for the store manager to approve your request.

However, after a sale, O’Reilly will not price adjust; therefore, ensure that you compare prices before making a purchase.

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