Does Petco Drug Test? (All You Need to Know)

As one of the biggest retail chains in the country, Petco has several opportunities for employment at any time.

If you’re thinking of joining the team, but you’re worried about whether or not the company conducts drug tests, read this article to learn more!

Does Petco Drug Test In 2024?

Petco doesn’t drug test employees, either pre or post-employment, in 2024 according to past employees. You might only be required to submit to testing if you have a stricter than usual manager, and you have given them a lot of indication that drug use is seriously affecting your performance.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the drug testing policy at Petco, including when to expect it, a look at the policy in different regions, and more!

Does Petco Drug Test Managers?

Petco does not drug test managers. In fact, no employees are required to submit to a drug test, either pre or post-employment.

To screen employees, managers only conduct a background check before hiring them, to check for things like criminal convictions, work history, and other qualifications, such as licenses.

How Often Does Petco Drug Test?

According to several employees, Petco never drug tests according to past workers. This seems to be standard across all levels of employment and stages of interviews.

Petco doesn’t even do pre-employment drug testing.

All management does is conduct a background check to see if you have a history of convictions, and maybe that your references check out.

If you’re applying for a job where you would be handling a vehicle, they will only check if you have a solid history with driving.

We found a recent job listing from Petco in Nevada that says you would be required to take a drug test during the interview process.

This position would have you in the warehouse where safety is important, which is why they say the test is needed.

We can’t say for sure that they won’t enforce this, and, while it doesn’t seem likely, you should stay away from drugs before going in to interview at Petco just to be on the safe side.

Despite being relatively lax with drug testing, Petco does not encourage drug use. The company’s official code of ethics contains a section on drug and alcohol rules.

It says that management enforces a strict policy to ensure that partners, pets, and pet owners are safe in their locations.

Having or using drugs at Petco locations is off limits and, according to company policy, any employee caught doing so should be fired.

This somewhat tracks with the information we’ve found. Some employees have been let go after they were found to have been using drugs when on the job.

This policy is not just limited to illegal substances, but it also covers alcohol.

If a Petco employee is caught drinking on the job, or even if they bring alcohol to work, company policy says they should be fired.

Others have reported that if a manager is strict, they suspect that you’re using drugs and they’re affecting your performance, they could order a test.

Does Petco Drug Test in Texas?

Petco does not drug test in Texas, either pre or post-employment. To screen employees, all Petco uses is a background check.

However, company policy says you should not have or use any drugs while at work, legal or otherwise.

Does Petco Drug Test in Washington?

Petco does not drug test in Washington, either pre or post-employment, but only uses a background check to screen employees before hiring.

However, Petco doesn’t encourage drug use or possession during work, for both legal and illegal drugs.

Does Petco Drug Test in Ohio?

Petco doesn’t drug test in Ohio. During the hiring process, all managers conduct is different kinds of background checks.

That said, Petco does not allow its employees to have or use any drugs during work hours. This applies to both illegal and legal drugs like alcohol.

Does Petco Drug Test in Florida?

Petco does not drug test in Florida. This applies both to pre employment screenings during the interview process, and random drug testing after you’ve been hired.

However, Petco doesn’t allow its employees to use or even have any drugs when they’re at work, whether or not it’s legal.

Does Petco Drug Test in Oregon?

Petco does not drug test in Oregon, either for pre or post-employment reasons.

We’ve found information from an employee that says Petco only tests for drugs after employment if they suspect use.

However, the company doesn’t allow its employees to carry or use drugs when they’re on the job, whether those drugs are legal or not.

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Petco doesn’t drug test. This is the same both pre-employment during the interview process, and post employment, where other companies would have random drug testing.

However, some of Petco’s former and current employees have reported that drug testing is likely if you’re dealing with a strict manager who suspects that you’re using drugs and they’re affecting your performance, but this happens rarely.

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