Does Petco Price Match? (Chewy, Amazon, Petsmart + Other FAQs)

With a wide selection, both at its stores and online, Petco is a serious competitor for major retailers in the country.

If you’re thinking of using this to your advantage to get items for less, read this article to learn if Petco has a price matching policy!

Does Petco Price Match In [currentyear]?

Petco will price match nearly every retailer in-store and online in [currentyear]. If you’re shopping online, Petco will only price match certain retailers. Petco does not price match animals or services, because these differ greatly by cases. Petco will not match an item if it’s on offer, has been discounted, or marked down in any other way.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Petco’s price matching policy, including how it works online and in-stores, which retailers Petco matches, and more!

Does Petco Price Match In-Store?

Petco will price match in its stores. According to Petco’s price matching policy, the company will match an item from a competitor if it’s similar.

By stating that the item only needs to come from “any competitor,” this policy is wide enough to cover most, if not all, retailers.

However, Petco doesn’t match prices if the item was listed on an online platform, regardless of which retailer owns that platform.

In Petco stores, the only online prices matched are the ones on

In this case, the company will match prices from the Petco website, whether it’s the original one, or after the item has been marked down during a sale.

Petco will only price match for identical items, and only if you’re providing the original price, and not one that’s part of a discount or promotion. You also can’t use a coupon afterwards.

Does Petco Price Match Online?

If you’re shopping on, the company will only match prices from the following online retailers:


Petco doesn’t match online prices from the above retailers, unless they are available to everyone, i.e. they’re not part of a membership program or subscription.

When shopping online, Petco will also match the prices from its stores.

Does Petco Price Match Its Website?

Petco stores will price match the company website. If you see something in a Petco store that’s cheaper on, sale or not, you can get the store staff to match the price.

This also works in reverse, where you can get an item price matched on if it’s cheaper at physical Petco stores.

Petco doesn’t price match the items on its website unless they’re available to everyone, meaning that it doesn’t match reduced prices on Repeat Delivery.

Does Petco Price Match After Purchase?

Petco will price match items after purchase if they go on sale less than 14 days after you buy it the first time. In this situation, you will be credited the difference between the two prices.

Does Petco Price Match PetSmart?

Does Petco Price Match PetSmart?

Petco will price match PetSmart, both at physical stores and online, as long as the price is available to anyone.

This means that if the price is tied to an exclusive perk under a subscription or membership of some kind, it will not be matched.

Petco’s in store price matching policy says that it matches “any competitor,” and this includes PetSmart, one of its biggest direct competitors.

As for matching online at, you’re limited to a few retailers, one of which is PetSmart.

Does Petco Price Match Amazon?

Petco will only price match Amazon online, and not at its physical stores. According to the price matching policy, Petco will not match the prices on any website, except

As for matching online, Petco has limited its price matching to a few retailers’ websites, one of which is Amazon’s, because it’s arguably the company’s biggest competitors in that area.

Does Petco Price Match Walmart?

Petco will price match Walmart, both online and in its physical stores. Petco’s price matching policy says that, in its stores, staff members will match prices from any competitor.

As for its online platform, Petco says it will match prices from a few other websites, one of which is

Does Petco Price Match Chewy?

Petco will price match Chewy, both online and at its physical locations.

For the former, Petco says that, when shopping online, it will only price match for a few websites, one of which is

As for its physical locations, Petco says that it will match the prices of “any competitor,” which definitely covers Chewy, because both companies have the same business model.

When price matching, Petco will only accept prices that are available to anyone that can use the platform.

This means that you can’t match prices that are only accessible through a membership or subscription.

Does Petco Price Match Animals?

Petco does not price match any animals, whether it’s the fish it sells, or cats and dogs put up for adoption.

According to the price matching policy, Petco says that every animal is unique, so they do not qualify.

This tracks because price matching is usually done on identical items only. You can’t get it in any other situation, no matter how similar the products are; they have to be the same.

Moreover, Petco does not price match pet services for the same reason. This means that Petco will not price match grooming, pet photography, training, and more.

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Petco will price match most retailers and its own website at physical stores, but not competitor websites. The company also doesn’t match prices, unless they’re available to everyone, so they won’t cover membership and subscription perks.

On, you can only match prices from,,,,, and Petco does not match the prices of the animals it sells, because these are often very different and unique from each other.

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