Does Petco Sell Ducks? (All You Need to Know)

With a variety of animals for sale, including birds, Petco has become the go-to source for pets for a lot of people.

Ducks are kept as pets by several people and, if you’re looking to go down to your local Petco for one, read this article first!

Does Petco Sell Ducks In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Petco doesn’t sell ducks, but it does carry a handful of duck supplies, accessories, and vet services in [currentyear]. You should look for ducks at smaller pet stores and local farmers. Petco sells bird accessories and supplies, including food, cages, toys, and treats that you can get for your duck.

If you want to learn more about why you can’t buy a duck at Petco, where you can buy one instead and more, keep reading for more useful facts!

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Ducks?

Petco probably doesn’t sell ducks, because it can’t keep them in some cities without a permit, in a move intended to avoid problems with noise, unpleasant smells, and fecal waste.

While it’s legal to own ducks in most places, there are some zoning regulations that prohibit people from keeping livestock or farm animals within city limits without authorization from the local municipality.

If the Petco is within a zoned area, it would be very difficult for it to keep and sell ducks in stores without going through a lot of municipal red tape.

Management would have to apply for permits to have the animals, and violation of the zoning regulations would result in fines/penalties, so the company avoids it entirely.

In addition, unlike most pets that can simply be kept in a cage, ducks have additional habitat requirements.

They need access to a lot of water, ideally a pond or a plastic water tub, and a lot of space to roam around in.

Even a pet store as large as Petco would struggle to provide ducks with these facilities, so it just doesn’t bother.

Does Petco Sell Duck Food?

While Petco does not sell live ducks, it does sell bird food and other treats, which can be used to feed your duck.

We went through Petco’s website to see what kind of bird food they had, and we found several options that can be used for both domestic and wild ducks.

Some of these products include a blend of different grains that have been selected for their nutritional benefits to waterfowl like geese and, of course, ducks.

If you’re thinking of buying from the website, you should be careful not to get something that isn’t meant for ducks.

For example, a lot of the pet food that shows up when you search for the term “duck” are meant for dogs and cats, and they’re merely duck flavored.

You can also visit your local Petco store, and the staff would be glad to help in choosing the appropriate duck food.

Does Petco Sell Duck Accessories?

Does Petco Sell Duck Accessories?

Petco sells duck accessories such as waterers and feeders for ducks to drink water from and eat out of.

A lot of these accessories and supplies are listed as being meant for other birds, so you should look around for something that you can also use for your duck.

For example, the litter and cage liners are marketed towards owners of more conventional bird pets, such as parrots and parakeets, but you can also get them for your duck’s cage.

There are also different bird grooming supplies to help you keep your duck clean.

On the other hand, things like perches and most cages wouldn’t work for a regular duck, so you should avoid them.

Where Else Can I Buy a Duck?

You can buy a duck from your local farmers. You can also check for availability of ducks at farm stores, duck hatcheries, and specialized pet retailers.

If you would like to keep a duck, remember to check whether the area you live in is zoned for keeping livestock, as some local laws prohibit the rearing of certain animals like ducks within city limits.

Keep in mind that ducks are social creatures, so you will need to purchase at least a pair of them.

Moreover, you will need to find a way to allow them to swim regularly, such as in a secluded pond or backyard pool.

How Much Does a Duck Cost?

How much a duck costs largely depends on where you buy it and how old it is, as ducklings are cheaper than adult ducks.

The most popular pet duck breeds go for between $20 and $50, but you can find Pekin ducks cost between $7 and $10, Cayuga ducks cost $8 to $20, and Indian Runner ducks go for $5 to $8.

Ducklings go for about $2 to $5.

Keep in mind the recurring costs of duck keeping, such as feed, housing, nesting materials, and vet expenses.

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Unfortunately, Petco does not sell ducks, despite having several other popular bird pet types. 

This might be because duck keeping is heavily regulated in some cities, due to zoning regulations that make it illegal to keep livestock within city limits to avoid noise, unpleasant smells and fecal waste.

In addition, unlike other birds, ducks have special habitat requirements.

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