Petco Fish Return Policy (Dead Fish, Unwanted Fish, Unhealthy + More)

As one of the biggest pet focused retailers in the country, Petco sells pet food, products, services and live pets.

Petco also sells a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish. So, if you bought fish from Petco, and you want to make a return, read this article to learn all you need to know!

What Is Petco’s Fish Return Policy In 2024?

You can return fish to Petco if you bought it less than 30 days before for a full refund, provided you have the original receipt in 2024. Petco also provides a guarantee that all fish purchased online will remain alive for 7 days from the day they arrive at your home and will provide a refund if it dies.

Read on to find out how you can return unwanted, unhealthy, or dead fish to Petco, including a closer look into the company’s 30 day policy, making exchanges, and more!

Does Petco Take Back Unwanted Fish?

You can return an unwanted fish to Petco within 30 days, but only if it was purchased from a Petco Pet Care Center location.

Petco does not accept returns or offer refunds on live fish that you decide you do not want, and recommends that you ensure the fish you get is the right one for you before finalizing the order.

Most Petco stores don’t accept unwanted fish, as they are wary to take in any diseased ones you bring in due to the risk of infection.

Some stores will, however, accept unwanted fish, depending on whether or not they have space.

Therefore, contact your local Petco store beforehand to find out if it will accept unwanted fish, and make sure it’s relatively healthy.

Does Petco Take Back Unhealthy Fish?

As stated above, under most circumstances, Petco will not take back unhealthy fish. This is intended to keep the rest of the fish safe, but there are some exceptions.

For starters, Petco has a 7 day guarantee on fish purchased from it website.

If your fish becomes sick, and dies within 7 days of delivery, contact Petco customer care for a refund of the purchase price or exchange.

This policy does not kick in,unless the fish is sick enough to the point of death.

If you bought freshwater fish from Petco Pet Care Stores, and it becomes sick or seems unhealthy, the store accept returns within 30 days of purchase for a refund or exchange.

If it’s been longer than 30 days, Petco won’t refund you, but may accept the return depending on whether the store has the space.

Overall, it’s recommended to call ahead to find out how your local store handles these situations.

Does Petco Take Back Dead Fish?

Does Petco Take Back Dead Fish?

Petco will take back dead fish under its 7 day guarantee on fish purchased online.

If the fish dies within 7 days of delivery, contact the customer care department for a refund of the purchase price.

Petco’s fish return policy prohibits the return of the specimen by mail.

Proof of death for the fish should be emailed to the customer care at the time of the contact, together with the order number to process the refund.

If you bought a freshwater fish from Petco Pet Care Stores, and it dies within 30 days of purchase, Petco will give you a refund or exchange and dispose of it for you.

If it’s been longer than 30 days, Petco won’t refund you, but will dispose of it for you.

Some Petco stores will only refund or exchange dead fish if you also bring in a separate water sample, and the sample tests come back normal.

Nevertheless, call ahead to confirm the store policy on refunds or exchanges of dead fish.

How Do You Return a Fish to Petco?

If you got the fish you want to return to Petco from a Pet Care Center, you can take it back to the location yourself, provided 30 days have not passed.

You will need to bring a valid form of ID, and the original receipt for the store to take it back and give you a refund.

If, however, you bought the fish online, and it dies within 7 days of reaching you, you will have to contact customer support at 1-877-738-6742 for instructions.

Note that you cannot mail a fish, dead or alive, back to Petco.

Can You Exchange a Sick Fish for Another One at Petco?

You can’t exchange a sick fish for another one at Petco, unless you got it from a Pet Care Center.

Your return will not be accepted if 30 days have not passed, or if you don’t have the original receipt.

If it’s been longer than 30 days, Petco may accept the fish, depending on whether it has space at the store. Call ahead to find out the store policy.

Petco has a 7 day guarantee on fish purchased online, that says if your fish dies within 7 days of delivery, you can contact customer care for an exchange.

However, note that this guarantee does not cover sickness.

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You can’t return a fish to Petco, unless you got it online and it died within 7 days, or you bought it from a Petco Pet Care Center. For the return to be processed successfully, you will need to provide the original receipt or order confirmation email, along with a valid form of ID.

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