Does PetSmart Drug Test? (All You Need To Know) 

Most major retail stores in the U.S. have policies prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol for employees and conduct drug tests for new hires to make sure customer service is not affected negatively.

So if you’re applying for a role at PetSmart, one of America’s most popular pet retail stores, you may be wondering – does PetSmart drug test its employees? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does PetSmart Drug Test?

PetSmart requires potential employees, as well as those involved in an accident, to undergo a urine-based drug test to check for the presence of illegal substances and excessive alcohol. This is based on its policy that prohibits the use of illegal drugs or alcohol by employees.

If you want to learn more about the drug tests that PetSmart uses, what substances PetSmart tests for, and what happens if you fail a drug test, then keep on reading!

Does PetSmart Drug Test New Employees? 

PetSmart reserves the right to drug test its staff members, including new or potential employees, to ensure they are complying with its drug and alcohol-free policy. 

These tests are performed on all employees in various fields and departments, including groomers, cashiers, and stockers.

Note that PetSmart does not drug test candidates on the first interview, but it may require you to do so before starting your job.

Additionally, if you are asked to conduct a drug test, you will need to complete it within 48 hours to secure your job at PetSmart. 

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Internal Promotions?

According to online reports from previous workers, it is unlikely that you will have to take a drug test to secure an internal promotion at PetSmart.

The only exception to this is if you have been in an accident at PetSmart or if PetSmart has reasonable cause to suspect you of using drugs and alcohol.

Keep in mind that if you are required to take a drug test by PetSmart for an internal promotion, you will have to pass the drug test to secure the promotion. 

Does PetSmart Do Random Drug Tests? 

Like many other retailers, PetSmart reserves the right to conduct random drug tests on workers to ensure they are adhering to its drug and alcohol-free policy.

However, in practice, PetSmart will likely only require a drug test from you if they have cause to suspect you, if you have been involved in an accident at PetSmart, or if you are a new starter.

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Prescription Medication? 

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Prescription Medication?

Prescription medication may be essential for your health, but it will register on the PetSmart drug test. 

PetSmart’s employee handbook states that it is against the company’s protocol for employees to turn up to work under the influence of prescription medication if it impairs their ability to work properly. 

Because of this, it is best to notify your PetSmart employer of any medication you may be on that may register during the drug test.  

How Does PetSmart Drug Test Its Employees?

PetSmart hires a third-party facility to perform the drug test for employees and return the results to PetSmart after compilation.

The drug test required by PetSmart is usually an unsupervised urine test, which is taken and analyzed by a third-party facility such as LabCorp.

Note that you must complete your PetSmart drug test within 48 hours to be eligible to pass. The results are delivered directly to PetSmart at any time during the next week.

Apart from a drug test, PetSmart also requires a background check and a criminal record check for new employees. 

What Does PetSmart Drug Test For?

PetSmart usually conducts a five-panel drug test on employees, which searches for drugs such as cannabis, amphetamines, THC, PCP, and opiates.

Along with that, PetSmart also aims to detect levels of intoxication since high levels may make it difficult for employees to be productive or useful at work. 

What Happens If I Fail My PetSmart Drug Test? 

If you fail your PetSmart drug test as a potential employee, you will not be offered the job, and your interview process will be terminated. 

On the other hand, if you fail your PetSmart drug test as an employee looking to return to work, you will likely face repercussions at PetSmart and may even be fired from your job.

Note that a positive drug test is in direct contradiction to PetSmart’s drug and alcohol-free policy. As PetSmart works closely with animals, it would be dangerous to have drugs and alcohol on-premises.

Can I Reapply To PetSmart if I Fail My Drug Test? 

PetSmart workers have stated on online forums that it is at the discretion of the PetSmart manager whether or not you will be eligible to reapply to work at PetSmart if you fail your drug test.

However, your name will be kept on file and flagged if you have a negative drug test later on.

To raise your chances of getting employed, you should wait a while before reapplying and should explain your circumstances to the PetSmart manager. 

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PetSmart will likely require you to take a drug test in the form of a urine test if you wish to work for the pet retail chain. This ensures you comply with its drug and alcohol-free policy and keep its animals safe.  

You may also be requested to take a drug test following an accident at PetSmart to ensure you are fit to return to work. If you fail a drug test at PetSmart, you will likely be terminated from your employment.

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