PetSmart Dress Code (Jeans, Shorts, Hats, Tattoos + More) 

Dress codes help retail chains distinguish regular customers from store employees, making it easier for customers to seek assistance and fostering a sense of unity among employees.

So if you’ve just secured a job at PetSmart or are applying for a role at the popular pet store chain, you may want to know about its dress code for employees. Here is everything I’ve found out about it!

PetSmart Dress Code

PetSmart’s dress code for employees consists of a blue PetSmart branded polo shirt, either store-provided khaki pants or the employee’s own blue jeans, and dark-colored closed-toe shoes. In addition, dog groomers also have to wear a smock, waterproof clothing, and non-slip shoes.

If you want to learn more about whether PetSmart permits tattoos and piercings, whether you can wear shorts and hats whilst working at PetSmart, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Jeans? 

Blue jeans are allowed at some PetSmart store locations, depending on the individual uniform policies of each store.

On the other hand, some PetSmart employees have stated that their store provided them with khaki pants as part of their uniform, so they were not allowed to wear jeans. 

Those employed as dog groomers in PetSmart have stated that their uniform consisted of black jeans, while dog groomers at other PetSmart locations have claimed they had to wear waterproof pants. 

Can I Wear Shorts Whilst Working At PetSmart? 

Past employee reviews about working at PetSmart indicate that employees were not allowed to wear shorts while working at PetSmart, even during the summer months.

Instead, PetSmart employees had to wear their assigned khaki pants if their store had them or alternatively wear their own blue-colored jeans.

However, some stores may make an exception during extreme heat, so it is best to ask your colleagues or store manager about your store’s policy. 

Can I Wear Hats Whilst Working At PetSmart?

According to past and current PetSmart employees, store managers generally allow employees to wear bandannas or baseball caps.

However, you should check with your store manager first, as the uniform policy may vary from store to store. 

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Tattoos?

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Tattoos?

Past PetSmart employees have stated that the company is relatively tolerant of employees having tattoos.

However, graphic or face tattoos may be an issue at some PetSmart store locations, especially if the tattoos contain inappropriate content.

If you have any tattoos or plan to get some, it is best to ask about them during your PetSmart job interview or check in with your manager for confirmation if you are already employed.  

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Piercings? 

PetSmart allows its staff to have piercings as long as they keep up a professional and friendly appearance. 

For staff working in the grooming department, jewelry and piercings are asked to be taken out for health and safety reasons.

Note that if you cannot take facial piercings out, you may need to wear protective tape over them. 

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Dyed Hair? 

According to past and current employees, PetSmart allows workers to dye their hair in a color of their choice.

However, it is best to ask your manager about your own store’s policy of openness to dyed hair since the allowed range of hair colors may vary from store to store.  

Can I Wear False Nails At PetSmart?

You can have your nails painted and neatly kept if you are working on the store floor at PetSmart or as a cashier.

Despite this, each store manager may have their own preferences, so double-check with the manager or your colleagues first. 

Due to health and safety concerns, those working directly with animals, such as a cat or dog groomer, are not allowed to wear fake, acrylic, or painted nails.  

What Is The Dress Code For PetSmart Dog Groomers? 

The dress code for dog groomers at PetSmart is a PetSmart shirt and either khaki or black colored pants. Some PetSmart store locations may also provide dog groomers specifically with a smock.

In some PetSmart stores, dog groomers have to purchase their own waterproof clothing and non-slip shoes.

However, you should enquire with your store manager about whether the PetSmart store can compensate for these items.

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PetSmart employees wear uniforms that consist of a polo shirt that displays the main logo, khaki pants, and dark-colored closed-toe shoes. Some stores also allow employees to wear blue jeans.

The company is relatively open to diverse hair dyes, hairstyles, tattoos, and piercings. Meanwhile, the dog groomer dress code entails a smock, khaki pants, waterproof clothing, and non-slip shoes. 

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