When Does PetSmart Restock? (Food, Pets + More)

With a wide variety of goods for every type of pet, your animal companion will be well cared for by PetSmart, be they furry, feathery, scaly, or slithery.

But when it comes to PetSmart’s stock and product availability, customers might be curious about timing their shopping expedition with PetSmart’s restocking.

So, when does PetSmart restock? I did some research into the topic, and here is everything I found out.

When Does PetSmart Restock?

PetSmart restocks its in-store goods daily after receiving product shipments at least three times per week. After caring for the animals in the store during the morning, employees work to restock products all day long. However, live animal restocking is less scheduled and relies on customer demand,

If you want more information on PetSmart’s restocking schedule, when certain items and products are replenished, and more, keep on reading!

What Days Does PetSmart Get Shipments?

PetSmart gets shipments around three times a week at most locations, or more if the store location is a particularly busy one.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the typical shipment days for PetSmart. After receiving shipments, the store will work to stock shelves and replace available merchandise for the remaining days of the week.

When Does PetSmart Restock In-Store?

PetSmart actually restocks every day. According to employees, after the morning open routine of caring for and feeding the animals in the store, restocking begins immediately and continues throughout the day.

Employees not assisting customers, working with animals in the Care Center, or cleaning out enclosures will work on restocking shelves and facing out merchandise.

What Time Of Day Does PetSmart Restock In-Store?

PetSmart typically starts opening shifts around 6:00 a.m., and restocking begins immediately afterward.

However, the stores generally do not open until later, around 9:00 a.m., so PetSmart’s products should be mostly restocked by that time.

Because PetSmart employees work to restock items throughout the day and for a couple of hours after closing, the in-store stock should be refreshed all day.

When Does PetSmart Restock Pet Food In-Store?

PetSmart restocks its pet food every morning, depending on the scarcity of the shelves.

Special pet food products, such as medicated diets or specific formulas, will also be restocked all day, ensuring that all customers have access to these essential food products.

In addition, vitamins, supplements, and other non-prescriptive medical supplies are also restocked daily.

PetSmart is dedicated to providing such essential products to customers no matter the demand. Similarly, emergency care supplies include bandages, non-medicated creams, and first aid goods.

When Does PetSmart Restock Pet Supplies?

Similar to pet food, other PetSmart pet supplies such as leashes, crates, toys, habitats, and more are all restocked daily.

However, because these supplies are less likely to sell out over the course of one business day, employees are less focused on restocking these accessories.

When it comes to PetSmart’s pet-safe cleaning supplies and other such products, the daily restock also holds true.

PetSmart employees make sure that all pet product shelves are kept full from the initial morning restock and throughout the workday.

When Does PetSmart Get New Animals For Adoption?

When Does PetSmart Get New Animals For Adoption?

Because PetSmart has an animal adoption service for cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens, they receive new animals for adoption when necessary.

However, due to the care constraints that accompany having live animals in-store, PetSmart does not accept more pets for adoption than they can handle safely and comfortably at one time.

Due to this, pinpointing a specific day that new animals show up in-store to be adopted by customers is difficult.

Because the cats and dogs come from local shelters and rescues, the days when more animals come into the store vary according to demand and availability.

Phone your local PetSmart and inquire when they expect to get a new array of adoptable pets using the handy PetSmart store locator.

When Does PetSmart Restock Fish?

PetSmart’s selection of fish and snails is typically restocked around once per week.

PetSmart does not overload its fish tanks, but because fish are among the most popular purchases among PetSmart customers, the company is able to cycle through fish stock quite efficiently.

Though the exact days might vary between store locations, most PetSmart stores restock their fish selections on Thursdays or Fridays.

This includes the following popular types of pet fish, though stock might vary between store locations and availability:

  • Angelfish
  • Betta Fish
  • Catfish
  • Cichlids
  • Goldfish
  • Gouramis
  • Guppies
  • Loaches
  • Minnows
  • Mollies
  • Neon Tetras
  • Platies
  • Plecostomus Fish
  • Rainbowfish
  • Zebra Danios

Other aquatic life is similarly restocked once a week, including:

  • Algae Eaters
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Plecostomi
  • Snails

When Does PetSmart Restock Reptiles?

PetSmart’s small pet reptiles do not follow a strict restock schedule. Rather, PetSmart monitors stocks and customer demand for these types of pets, and will restock accordingly.

The larger PetSmart locations might restock reptiles every other week, typically on Mondays. But this does depend on the particular store and customer demand for pet reptiles.

When Does PetSmart Restock Birds?

Similarly to pet reptiles, PetSmart’s live birds are not restocked on a regular basis.

Because only so many birds can safely coexist in the enclosures that PetSmart has for them, PetSmart’s safe pet space policy does not allow for overfilling its bird stock.

Due to this, PetSmart’s new availability of pet birds again depends on the location and customer adoption rates.

When Does PetSmart Restock Small Animals?

PetSmart’s small animal restock policy is akin to the company’s other live animals—due to space and safe cohabitation restraints, PetSmart does not bring in new small animals until the previous ones have been successfully adopted out.

This includes smaller rodents like mice, gerbils, and hamsters, and larger breeds like fancy rats, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Call your local PetSmart to inquire when more small animals will arrive in-store.

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PetSmart works to restock pet supplies, cleaning products, and food daily.

Beginning with an initial morning restock between caring for the in-store animals and opening the store to customers, PetSmart employees will continue to restock items all day.

Product shipments arrive at least three times per week. Restocking live, adoptable animals is less scheduled, relying on availability and demand.

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