Does PetSmart Sell Hedgehogs (Try This Instead)

PetSmart, one of the leading pet stores in the U.S., sells a wide range of pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, fish, and much more, and offers a variety of essential products for these pets as well.

However, what if you’re interested in keeping an unconventional animal, such as a hedgehog, as your pet? Will PetSmart be able to sell you one? Here is what I’ve discovered through my research!

Does PetSmart Sell Hedgehogs?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not sell hedgehogs in-store or online; however, PetSmart does sell a range of products for hedgehog owners. Customers can visit local breeders and animal shelters to buy hedgehogs but should make sure their state does not restrict hedgehog ownership.

If you want to learn more about why PetSmart does not sell hedgehogs, where else you can find hedgehogs to purchase, and what animals PetSmart sells to customers, keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t PetSmart Sell Hedgehogs As Pets?

PetSmart has a policy that only allows ‘domesticated’ animals to be offered to customers for buying.

Since hedgehogs are classified as ‘non-traditional,’ PetSmart does not stock or sell these animals at its stores.

Instead, the pet retailer sells a range of ‘small pets’ in its stores, including mice, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Additionally, there are restrictions in some states and cities in the U.S. on the ownership of hedgehogs as pets which may contribute to PetSmart’s refusal to sell them.

States such as California, Georgia, and Hawaii do not allow hedgehogs as pets, whereas others, including New Jersey, Arizona, and Maine, require people to hold a permit to own a hedgehog as a pet.

Can I Still Buy Hedgehog Supplies At PetSmart?

Can I Still Buy Hedgehog Supplies At PetSmart?

Although you cannot purchase a hedgehog at PetSmart, you can buy supplies for your hedgehog at your local store and online at

Note that these hedgehog-suitable supplies fall under the ‘small pets’ category online and include items such as bedding, hay, toys, food, and water bottles.

Additionally, PetSmart also has online learning services for small pet owners, which include tips on nutrition for small pets, care guides, travel tips, and supplies checklists.

Where Can I Buy A Hedgehog As A Pet?

The best place to acquire a hedgehog as a pet is a local private breeder.

These breeders have the knowledge and expertise to raise and care for hedgehogs and should be your first option when buying a hedgehog as a pet.

Other places to find hedgehogs as pets are local and independent pet stores, animal shelters, and local veterinarians.

Note that hedgehogs are also available online at some exotic pet stores, unlike chain pet stores such as PetSmart.

What Animals Does PetSmart Stock?

You may not be able to purchase a hedgehog as a pet at PetSmart, but the stores still have a large selection of pets for sale.

To find out what animals you can buy or adopt at your local PetSmart, take a look at the list below:

  • Reptiles, such as snakes, geckos, frogs, and turtles
  • Fish, including angelfish, goldfish, and tetra
  • Birds, such as finches, parakeets, and canaries
  • Small pets, including rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters

Other than these, PetSmart also runs an adoption service for cats and dogs in your local area.

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Conclusion: Does PetSmart Sell Hedgehogs?

PetSmart does not sell live hedgehogs as pets since it considers hedgehogs ‘non-traditional’ and instead only sells domesticated animals under its official policy. Additionally, some states have restrictions and limitations on owning hedgehogs.

PetSmart still stocks supplies for hedgehog owners in-store and online, along with a range of other small pets for customers to purchase. The best place to buy hedgehogs as pets are at local breeders and independent pet stores.

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