Does PetSmart Sell Iguanas? (All You Need to Know)

PetSmart has one of the largest reptile pet and pet supplies inventories, selling in-store and online.

If you would like to buy an iguana, and wonder whether PetSmart stocks them, what the prices are, and much more, kindly stay with me to learn more facts!

Does PetSmart Sell Iguanas In [currentyear]?

PetSmart stopped selling iguanas due to the outcry of its customers over ethical issues. Customers who wish to buy iguanas can instead buy them from PetSmart’s rival stores. However, PetSmart offers a selection of other reptile pets that its customers can choose from. At the alternative stores, an iguana costs between $15 to $600 in [currentyear].

Read on to find out more about whether PetSmart sells iguanas, if the store sells iguana supplies, what reptiles you can buy at PetSmart instead of Iguanas, and much more!

Can I Buy an Iguana From PetSmart?

PetSmart does not list iguanas as reptiles sold on its website or stocked in its stores.

However, the pet shop has not made its policy on the sale of iguanas in its public outlets.

Several years ago, PetSmart did sell iguanas, but there was uproar from its customers and animal welfare agencies over its treatment of the herbivorous lizards.

Why Did PetSmart Stop Selling Iguanas?

Although Iguanas are in the category of the most profitable reptiles, PetSmart, among other large pet companies, has stopped selling the reptile.

The key reason why Petsmart stopped selling Iguanas is due to ethical concerns.

Where Else Can I Buy Iguanas If Not at PetSmart?

Many other pet stores sell iguanas in the US, ranging from local pet shops to chain outlets, such as Petco.

You can visit the stores’ outlets, or make your order online and have it delivered or pick it up curbside if that facility exists.

You can also buy your iguanas from private breeders in your locality.

Also, you can consider adopting an unwanted iguana in case you do not want to purchase one.

How Much Does an Iguana Cost?

How Much Does an Iguana Cost? PetSmart

An iguana will cost you anywhere from $20 to $600. This cost varies with season, age, species, seller, and attractiveness.

Depending on the species, a hatchling iguana may cost between $20 and $50, while a Green Iguana will cost between $15 and $35.

A Cyclura Iguana, on the other hand, is quite pricey, costing about $250 and $600.

Besides this, you should also set aside extra cash to construct a suitable habitat, cater to veterinary care, and buy food and supplies.

Can I Buy Iguana Supplies at PetSmart?

While you may not buy iguanas at PetSmart, you can buy most of what you need for your pet from the pet store.

Iguanas are prone to heat changes, especially cold, and their habitat must be warmed to maintain the optimum temperature.

This requires under-tank heat pads, overhead night time, and daytime heat sources.

It also needs a UVB-producing fluorescent tube, thermometers, timers, and basking spots.

Besides that, it needs hide boxes, food supplies, vitamins, and equipment for food and water.

PetSmart stocks most of these supplies, as other reptile pets use them.

Moreover, PetSmart customers may access veterinary care for their iguanas at PetSmart outlets because of its partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital.

What Should I Consider Before Buying an Iguana?

If you intend to purchase or adopt an iguana, you should consider the following:

  • Have adequate space. The reptile is likely to grow big, depending on the type of Iguana you will purchase. For instance, a regular green iguana can weigh 20 lbs and grow 6 feet tall.
  • Liaise with professional vet care. Typically, iguanas require regular care from a qualified vet in handling exotic animals.
  • Additional expenses. As highlighted earlier, an iguana parent should purchase a ready-made cage with proper heating and lighting. Moreover, you should be ready to spend on a rich iguana’s diet, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

What Other Iguana Alternatives Can I Buy at Petsmart?

PetSmart has alternatives to iguanas that may be safe and fun to keep. If you are going for the lizard look, you can buy a gecko, chameleon, or a dragon.

Otherwise, you can choose from tortoises and turtles, as well as snakes.

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It is unlikely that you will be able to buy an iguana at PetSmart. They have not had them online or in-store for a while.

However, you can buy the iguana elsewhere, and PetSmart will sell you most of what you need for it.

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