Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay? (All You Need To Know)

Contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay have made the checkout process at various retailers quick and convenient, improving the in-store customer experience and reducing lengthy queues.

So if you’re visiting PetSmart to buy a new pet or to get essential supplies for your pet, you may be wondering – does PetSmart take Apple Pay for iPhone users? Here is what I’ve found out about this through my research!

Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay?

PetSmart does accept Apple Pay as a payment method in-store. However, customers cannot pay using Apple Pay on Other payment methods PetSmart accepts include cash, credit/debit cards, and various contactless payment methods. 

If you want to learn more about how to use Apple Pay at PetSmart, what other forms of payment you can use both in-store and online, and much more, keep on reading!

Can You Use Apple Pay At PetSmart?

Customers can pay for their PetSmart purchases with Apple Pay via their iPhones at the checkout counter.

However, this only applies to in-store shopping, as the company’s website does not process Apple Pay transactions.

According to Apple, each PetSmart location in the United States does accept Apple Pay at their contactless terminals.

Note that you can easily spot Apple Pay in-store at PetSmart since it is denoted by a little logo with an apple and “Pay” next to it, typically on the registers.

How Do You Use Apple Pay In-Store At PetSmart?

Before you can use Apple Pay for your purchases at any store, including PetSmart, you must make sure the app is set up on your device, and your payment cards are added using these steps.

When checking out at PetSmart, you can use Apple Pay by first selecting the app on your smartphone or smartwatch.

On the iPhone, you will have to authenticate your identity with a password or biometrics, such as a thumbprint or face ID.

After that, hold the top half of your iPhone or your Apple Watch near the contactless reader. It may take a second, but you should receive a “Done” notification, and your transaction will be processed.

Can You Use Apple Pay Online At

Can You Use Apple Pay Online At

Unfortunately, customers cannot use Apple Pay at to complete their purchases online.

PetSmart has not yet made mobile wallet payments available to their online customers, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Because of this, you will need to use another means of payment to complete your online transaction.

Can You Use Apple Pay On The PetSmart Smartphone Application?

As is the case with, customers cannot use Apple Pay to complete any transactions made through the PetSmart mobile phone application.

The PetSmart app does offer an online shopping portal, but it runs similarly to, and so customers cannot use Apple Pay to complete their transactions via the app.

What Forms Of Payment Does Accept?

Though does not accept Apple Pay for transactions, there are several other methods of payment that online shoppers can use.

At checkout, you can pay for your online shopping cart with any of these options:

  • American Express
  • Any Debit Card
  • Discover Card
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • PetSmart Gift Card
  • Visa Credit Cards

Note that the PetSmart mobile phone application also accepts these same forms of payment for shopping through its online portal, so you can shop with ease from your smartphone.

What Forms Of Payment Does PetSmart Accept?

Apart from Apple Pay, PetSmart also accepts a variety of other payment forms for your in-store shopping convenience.

At the checkout register, choose from the following to finish processing your transaction:

  • American Express
  • Any Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Discover Cards
  • Merchandise Return Cards
  • PIN Debit or ATM Cards
  • Visa Credit Cards

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PetSmart does accept Apple Pay during checkout at all in-store locations. However, online shoppers at cannot complete their purchases by using Apple Pay, nor can users of the company’s smartphone app.

PetSmart does accept a wide variety of other payment options in-store and online, including all major credit cards, PIN debit, and ATM cards, gift cards, and PayPal.

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