PetSmart Senior Discount (All You Need To Know)

PetSmart offers a number of discounts in-store and online to help customers save money on their animal care.

However, some shoppers may wonder if PetSmart offers a senior discount to help older pet owners care for their animals. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned!

PetSmart Senior Discount

PetSmart does offer senior discounts of 10% to patrons for services, including the grooming salon on Tuesdays and for overnight stays at the PetSmart PetsHotel. However, PetSmart is only able to offer senior discounts on services, not on the products available in their stores.

For more information about PetSmart discounts, such as what other discounts they offer in-store and how to get them, then find out more below!

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts for Grooming?

Yes, PetSmart is able to offer senior discounts on selected services in their stores.

Customers can receive a senior discount of 10% off on Tuesdays at PetSmart grooming salons.

Additionally, some PetSmart stores offer a senior discount for grooming on a Wednesday instead, so check with your local PetSmart to confirm.

There are also restrictions, such as pet age, health, and vaccinations requirements which may impact your discount.

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts for their PetsHotel?

As well as grooming, PetSmart also offers a 10% senior discount on overnight stays at their PetSmart Hotels, called PetsHotels.

To obtain this discount, customers must be over 65 and have a valid ID to confirm their age to receive a coupon for the PetsHotel senior discount.

PetSmart only allows one senior discount per stay, which is also subject to availability.

Additionally, the PetSmart senior discounts for their PetsHotel also apply to basic overnight stays.

However, PetSmart does not allow senior discounts on PetsHotel doggie day camps, add-ons, and bundle packages offered by the PetSmart PetsHotel.

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts on Their Merchandise?

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts on Their Merchandise?

Unfortunately, PetSmart is unable to offer senior discounts on its merchandise and products available to buy in-store and online.

Senior discounts are only applicable to PetSmart services such as grooming and overnight stays in the PetsHotel.

Instead, PetSmart offers several other ways to save in-store, such as coupons and loyalty schemes that are available to all customers, including seniors.

What Other Discounts Do PetSmart Offer?

As well as senior discounts on PetSmart services, the retailer is also able to offer military discounts of 10%.

To get this discount, customers need to show a valid form of a government-issued ID to prove their affiliation to the military.

PetSmart also has its discount scheme (see more below) in stores to help customers save money, which is accessible to all customers.

What Is PetSmart’s Reward Scheme?

PetSmart offers a great reward scheme called the Treats Loyalty Programme.

With this, members of the PetSmart program can obtain points (8 points for every $1 spent in-store) which they can use to earn treats and rewards after they reach 1000 points.

Additionally, PetSmart’s Treats Loyalty Programme members can also receive free goodies on their pet’s birthday, as well as exclusive coupons to use in-store.

The program is also a great way to save money on your essential pet care, especially as it is free to join and can save you money on PetSmart merchandise which is often excluded from other offers.

How Do I Get Discounts At PetSmart?

As well as using PetSmart’s reward scheme, PetSmart also accepts a wide range of coupons in-store to help customers save money.

PetSmart has a full list of eligible coupon types on their website, so you can check if you are in doubt.

Some of the coupons they accept include manufacturer’s, printed, and PetSmart’s coupons.

There are also some restrictions to PetSmart’s coupon policy, which can also be found on their website.

What Offers Are On At PetSmart?

On its website, PetSmart regularly lists all its different offers and events that are occurring.

PetSmart offers deals for services such as their grooming parlor, like the Salon Welcome Package, which offers 20% off to new customers, as well as discounts such as senior, military, and first-responder discounts.

PetSmart also runs a number of events in store that are free to attend and often have small giveaways included, such as free treats and information books.

Check back on the website every month for the latest deals and offers, as PetSmart regularly updates the page to help customers save money.

To learn more on how you can save at PetSmart, be sure to see our other guides on the PetSmart price match policy, the PetSmart Hotel, and if PetSmart microchips cats and dogs.


PetSmart does offer a 10% discount for seniors in their stores on services such as grooming and stays in the PetsHotel. To be eligible, show proof of age when purchasing the services.

The pet retailer is also able to accept a number of coupons to help customers save money in stores.

Unfortunately, PetSmart is unable to offer senior discounts on merchandise in stores at this time, but they do offer a free rewards scheme to help customers save money.

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