Does Popeyes Deliver? (Breakfast, DoorDash, Postmates + More)

Considering that most people lead busy lives, you might want to get a meal, but you are not in a position to leave the office or your home. You will have to order delivery from your favorite restaurant in such a case.

If Popeyes is on your favorite fast-food list, it is ideal to get acquitted with how to order delivery from the restaurant. The following exposition explores everything you need to know about Popeyes’ delivery!

Does Popeyes Deliver In [currentyear]?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen provides delivery services in [currentyear].  Customers can order meals on the Popeyes mobile app or They can use third-party delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats to get their favorite Popeyes meals delivered to them while in remote locations. The delivery fee differs depending on the delivery option you use.

Keep reading if you want to gain more insight into Popeyes’ delivery options, how to order, the delivery charges, and much more!

How Do I Order Popeyes Delivery?

Popeyes’ customers can now request the delivery of food items through the following options:

  • com
  • Popeyes mobile app
  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Postmates
  • Grubhub

Also, if you want to use any of these means to get your delivery from Popeyes, here are the respective procedures:

Popeyes Delivery 

If you are using Popeyes’ platforms to request deliveries, you can start by opening either the app or the company’s official website.

First, click on the “Order Now” button to place your online order. Once you complete the action, you can proceed to choose your food from the restaurant’s menu.

However, it is essential to note that the availability of some food items may vary depending on the location.

Therefore, make sure you check the availability of the items you are selecting at your local store.

After that, once you have confirmed the availability, place the items in your e-cart and proceed to the checkout system.

Moreover, the best thing about Popeyes’ home delivery service is that there is no minimum amount for delivery.

Also, it is important to note that Popeyes allows customers to use their Popeyes Points when ordering food on the company’s app. 

Furthermore, you should remember that Popeyes’ delivery is more expensive than in-restaurant purchases, especially because most online prices are higher than in-store.

DoorDash Delivery

To receive deliveries from Popeyes via DoorDash, you have to create your account and key in your delivery address to locate Popeyes restaurants in your locality.

Once you set up your account, search “Popeyes” on the search bar and proceed to select and add your desired items to the cart.

When you are ready to checkout, click “Continue.”

Then, the window that will pop up afterward gives information on the delivery time, payment method, and tip before confirming the order.

Uber Eats Delivery

To get Popeyes’ delivery through the Uber Eats service, you can order your food items through the Uber Eats mobile app or website.

That said, requesting the delivery of food starts by entering your address on the platform and locating a Popeyes restaurant near you.

Then, once you have narrowed down the Popeyes restaurant you want to order from, select your food and place the order.

Also, the Uber Eats platform allows you to customize your order or leave a note for the restaurant.

Moreover, the platform also allows customers to order now and schedule delivery at a later time.

Postmates Delivery

Postmates Delivery Popeyes

Postmates’ platform is an alternative to Uber Eats since Postmates is one of Uber’s subsidiary companies.

Therefore, the experience of using Postmates is approximately the same as using Uber Eats.

So, if you want to order Popeyes delivery through Postmates, you can use Postmates’s mobile app or the company’s website.

To start the ordering process, you first have to add your address and select the Popeyes restaurant near you.

After this, you will select the food items you need and even customize the order.

Once you complete the selection process, the app will reveal a summary of the selected items, the subtotal of the order, the service charge, and the delivery fees.

Next, once you place the order and the restaurant confirms it, you can track it through the driver selected to deliver your Popeyes order.

Grubhub Delivery

To get Popeyes’ delivery through Grubhub, you will first have to sign up and log in to your account through Grubhub’s website.

Once you get into the account, you should start by entering your zip code on the search bar and clicking “Find Food.” Or, you can filter the search by keying in “Popeyes.”

Then, once you locate the restaurant, you can select your food and then proceed to place an order.

If you are satisfied with your order, click “Proceed to Checkout.”

At the checkout section, Grubhub prompts you to select the payment method and complete the order subsequently.

Also, if you give your mobile number, Grubhub will notify you of the order’s confirmation and inform you of the estimated arrival time.

Does Popeyes Charge A Delivery Fee?

There are delivery fees and other applicable fees when you order from the Popeyes mobile app or website.

Generally, if the nearest Popeyes restaurant is less than six miles away, the delivery fee is about $3.99.

On the flip side, if the nearest restaurant is more than six miles, the delivery fee is approximately $5.99.

Does The Popeyes App Use DoorDash?

Since Popeyes does not have a delivery fleet, the company uses DoorDash and other third-party services like Grubhub to distribute and deliver food.

Can I Customize My Order When I Order Online From Popeyes?

Depending on the food selected, you can customize your order from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Also, some of the food items on the menu have a set of customization options. However, you can always place special instructions if your food request is not listed.

What Are Other Alternatives To Popeyes Delivery?

If you want to place an online order but do not need delivery, you can request to pick up the order yourself.

That said, Popeyes’ mobile app and the official website provide the pick-up feature that allows customers to pick up the food themselves at the counter and avoid delivery fees.

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In conclusion, Popeyes delivers mobile orders through third-party service providers.

To place Popeyes ‘ online deliveries, customers can use Popeyes’ platforms, Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, and DoorDash.

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