Does Popeyes Pay Weekly? (All You Need To Know)

You may be thinking about working at Popeyes, but it is essential to be enlightened on how much the restaurant pays and when before you make the step.

If you are wondering whether Popeyes pays weekly or bi-weekly or how much Popeyes pays, keep reading and get informed!

Does Popeyes Pay Weekly In 2024?

Popeyes pays employees bi-weekly by checks and direct deposits as of 2024. Since Popeyes is a franchise, some locations offer weekly payments. The restaurant’s pay ranges between  $10 and $16 per hour, depending on the job and experience. Moreover, Popeyes offers paid time off and numerous benefits to its employees.

Read on if you would like to find out more on when to receive the first payment at Popeyes, the restaurant’s paid time off, and much more!

Does Popeyes Pay Weekly Or Bi-weekly?

According to former and current Popeyes employee reviews, the restaurant pays after every two weeks.

However, since Popeyes is a franchise, some outlets might have varying policies and pay on a weekly basis.

What Is Popeyes’ Hourly Pay?

Popeyes employees’ pay per hour ranges from $10 to $16. Typically, an individual’s amount differs depending on the employee’s position and the outlet location.

 For example, the following are a few positions at Popeyes and their respective pay:

  • Cashier: an average of $11 per hour
  • Crew Member: an average of $11 per hour
  • Team Member: an average of $11 per hour
  • Cook: an average of $11 per hour
  • Food Prep: an average of $10 per hour
  • Shift Manager: an average of $13 per hour
  • Sales Associate: an average of $12 per hour
  • Assistant Manager: an average of $14 per hour
  • Manager: an average of $15 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative: an average of $14 per hour
  • Supervisor: an average of $16 per hour

When Will I Receive My First Paycheck At Popeyes?

You are likely to receive your first paycheck in the next payment period when other employees are getting paid; this is mainly implemented to align the pay dates for all Popeyes staff.

In most cases, new employees receive their first payment after two weeks.

How Often Does Popeyes Give Raises?

How Often Does Popeyes Give Raises?

Popeyes hardly gives pay raises to its employees; however, if you are promoted to a higher staff rank, a change in your earnings is effected. 

Still, you are likely to get a raise only if you are promoted to a higher earning rank and not working in the same position, such as cashier to crew leader.

Does Popeyes Have Paid Time Off?

Popeyes has paid time off, which varies with employees regarding the nature of their employment, including their tenure.

The paid time off, PTO, includes sick time leave and up to ten days of paid vacation. However, this PTO policy may vary with different states and franchise locations.

Moreover, in most cases, the employees who enjoy the PTO are employed on a long-term basis and in high-ranked positions such as managers.

Unfortunately, most locations do not offer paid time off for employees in team member positions.

Do Popeyes Offer Employees Company Benefits?

Popeyes offers various company benefits to the employees. In most cases, the benefits differ depending on terms of service: part-time or full-time employment.

For example, the following are some Popeyes employees’ benefits:

  • Birthday celebration whereby the company recognizes your birthday
  • 401(K), which is a tax-deferred retirement saving plan
  • Paid time off that includes vacations and sick days for full-time employees
  • Discounts on select goods and services
  • A free meal during the shift as long as one has worked for five hours
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Medical insurance that covers dental and vision insurance
  • Bereavement leave

Do You Get Paid For Popeyes’ Employee Training?

Most of the time, you are trained on the job. Therefore, your first-time reporting is included as part of your time on the job and not separately as training. So, you are paid for training.

However, you are not paid if you do not pass the training, though the system may vary among the franchises in different locations and states.

What Day Do Popeyes Employees Get Paid?

Popeyes employees are often paid on Fridays every two weeks. However, the days may vary with states and outlets as some may pay on different days.

Does Popeyes Use Daily Pay?

Popeyes does not use daily pay since all payments are mostly issued bi-weekly. In some states, there could be weekly payments, although most franchises tend to stick to the bi-weekly plan.

Does Popeyes Hold Your First Check?

Fortunately, Popeyes does not hold your first check. Therefore, you will get your first pay the following week since the company normally pays after two weeks.

What Is Popeyes’ Highest Paying Job?

The supervisor role is the highest paying job at Popeyes, earning an average of $16.38 per hour. In a year, the supervisor can earn as much as $34,072. 

On the flip side, the lowest-paid position at Popeyes is food prep, i.e., $10.44 per hour, which is equivalent to $21,717 per year.

Do Popeyes Employees Get A Bonus?

Popeyes employees’ bonuses vary depending on the roles and the states in which the franchise is located. That said, some may offer bonuses to employees at various positions while others don’t.

Further, positions that primarily receive bonuses are the restaurant manager, who can receive up to $650, and the general manager, who receives a bonus of about $2,000. 

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Popeyes pays its employees weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the franchise’s location.

Also, the employees are offered company benefits and bonuses, which vary depending on the job position and franchise location.

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