Popeyes Dress Code (Hair, Tattoos, Piercings, Shoes, +More)

Popeyes’ dress code is a set of guidelines that makes it easy for its employees to know what is appropriate to wear to work. It also distinguishes the employees and customers at the restaurant.

What does Popeyes’ dress code entail? What can I wear to Popeyes’ interview? Moreover, what do Popeyes employees wear? Keep reading to get factual answers to these questions!

What Is Popeyes’ Dress Code Policy In 2024?

Popeyes fast-food restaurant advocates for its employees to wear a white-to-black apron, hat, black leather belt, crew shirt, slip-resistant shoes, and a name tag as of 2024. All employees wear black dress pants and maroon shirts. However, the uniform designs differ depending on the team member’s role—the company’s unique artists design Popeyes’ employees’ uniforms.

To know more about what Popeyes’ workers wear at work, Popeyes’ policy on piercings, facial hair, if Popeyes accepts the wearing of jewelry, and much more, keep reading!

What Do Popeyes’ Employees Wear At Work?

At Popeyes restaurant, workers wear black dress pants with maroon (burnt orange) shirts, black belts, a hat, and slip-resistant shoes.

Also, all workers except the manager mandatorily wear an apron. Further, the approved company uniform includes:

  • Apron: the aprons are designed differently for a chef, kitchen, BBQ aprons, and art smocks.
  • Hat: Popeyes Louisiana vintage cap comes in various colors and is adjustable, thus suitable for all sex.
  • Black belt: a high-quality leather product that lasts longer and is suitable for employees.
  • Crew shirt: only specific shirts designed by the approved company artists are allowed to be used by the employees.
  • Slip-resistant shoes: the approved footwear to minimize accidents while working at the restaurant.
  • Name tag: all team members are expected to have their tag names attached to their shirts or apron while at work.

What Color Is The Popeyes Uniform?

The company uniform is burnt orange, a replica of the chain’s iconic maroon and orange colors.

Also, the limited garments are designed by the actual Popeyes team member artists and are said to be identical to Beyoncé’s new design of clothing.

That said, following the claims of a similar identity to Beyoncé’s new clothing design, Popeyes decided to sell a limited number of uniforms.

What Do I Wear To A Popeyes Interview?

One can dress business casually if interviewing for an entry-level position at Popeyes. However, it is recommended to have a professional dress code for managerial position interviews.

While going for an interview at Popeyes, ensure your hair is well-kept, as this might earn you more points during the hiring process.

What Is Popeyes’ Facial Hair Policy?

The company prohibits facial hair or facial piercing.

For males, you must wear a beard guard on your face and have your mustache well-trimmed to avoid having it fall into the food you’re handling.

On the flip side, females are expected to trim long hair or wear a hair net to prevent food contamination.

Can I Have Colored Hair At Popeyes?

Popeyes doesn’t have rules that prohibit its employees from coloring their hair as long as it is a natural color.

Further, the company doesn’t discriminate on hair color; hence workers have the liberty to choose a color of their choice.

Can I Have A Tattoo At Popeyes?

Can I Have A Tattoo At Popeyes?

Employees are allowed to have tattoos but not face piercings and not too many arm tattoos.

Ideally, employees can have tattoos but must be able to cover them up, meaning bold tattoos on open body parts are not allowed. 

Can Cashiers Wear Nails At Popeyes?

Working as a cashier at Popeyes requires you to keep short nails.

Therefore, long nails can create an unhealthy working environment as they can easily fall into the food causing food contamination.

Do I Have To Wear A Uniform For Video Training At Popeyes?

During video training at Popeyes, the choice of dress code is upon the trainees to decide. So, you can choose to wear casual clothing consisting of slip-proof shoes and a company hat.

Alternatively, if the virtual training gets you in the company uniform, feel free to attend and participate in the training.

Can You Wear A Jacket In Winter At Popeyes?

Workers mainly stationed next to the window are permitted to wear a company jacket capturing the company logo.

Additionally, during cold weather, you can wear any undergarment that matches the company’s dress code or, better, that matches the color of the Popeyes uniform.

What Does Popeyes Managers Uniform Look Like?

The color of Popeyes’s manager’s shirt varies from red, blue, orange, purple, and green.

Depending on the color of the shirt, black shoes, tan pants, and a name tag make a complete uniform.

Does Popeyes Allow Women To Wear Earrings?

Women are allowed to wear stud earrings without hoops, and the company discourages its employees from wearing long dangling earrings.

Therefore, the earrings must be of a certain moderate length to avoid mixing up with food while the employee is at work or even serving customers.

Does Popeyes Restaurant Allow Employees To Wear Makeup?

Employees (primarily women) at Popeyes chains are permitted to wear makeup. However, exaggerated makeup is not recommended.

Can I Wear A Skirt At Popeyes Restaurant?

All Popeyes workers are expected to dress in company uniform while at work. That said, the company doesn’t recognize any other outfit besides what it approves of being part of the uniform.

Therefore, Popeyes’ workers are barred from engaging in any outlawed outfits such as skirts, whether religiously accepted or rejected.

Do Managers Have To Wear A Hat At Popeyes?

Wearing hats by Popeyes’ managers is optional. For example, all the managers enjoy this right of choice, which might not apply to all employees working at Popeyes.

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Popeyes handles the dress code of its employees with much attention. That said, the company recognizes the ambassadorial role exercised by its employees as the basic image of the company.

Therefore, it has put in place policies that regulate the employees’ clothing across the board with a specification defining what is expected of each gender and how they can access the garments.

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