Does Publix Blow Up Balloons? (Your Full Guide)

People of all ages love helium balloons and use them for parties because they’re a fun way to decorate. So, if you’re a customer of Publix, you might be wondering, does Publix blow up balloons?

Well, look no further for all the answers you need! I’m going to tell you all you need to know regarding whether Publix blows up balloons and the cost of this service, so keep reading!

Does Publix Blow Up Balloons?

Publix blows up balloons in most stores and blows up both mylar and latex balloons as of 2024. The cost ranges from $1.29 to $2 per balloon, but there is no charge if you purchase a balloon at Publix and have a receipt. Also, you’ll find a massive selection of balloons for sale at Publix for every occasion.

If you’d like to learn what kinds of balloons Publix blows up, whether it sells balloons in-store, and much more, read below to learn all about it!

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Helium Balloons at Publix?

The cost of filling helium balloons varies by the size of the balloon, the type of balloon, and your specific Publix store policy.

With that, standard latex balloons are $1.29 to blow up for each balloon, and Mylar balloons will cost $2 per balloon to fill up.

Additionally, the price may vary by the store, with some Publix locations blowing up balloons for free, so you should call your local Publix to learn the specific cost.

Does Publix Sell Helium Balloons?

Yes, Publix does sell helium balloons, including mylar and latex balloons, which are available in the floral department.

Also, Publix carries some deflated balloon packs, which the store keeps near party supplies.

Furthermore, Publix sells balloons for all types of occasions, from weddings to birthdays and everything else!

At Publix, you can find pre-filled balloons as well as deflated balloons in a variety of styles and colors.

Also, it’s important to note that if you’ve purchased a helium balloon from Publix, you won’t be charged for blowing up the balloons as long as you have proof of purchase.

Does Every Publix Location Fill Helium Balloons?

Does Every Publix Location Fill Helium Balloons?

Unfortunately, not every single Publix store will fill helium balloons. But, as long as your store has a floral department, Publix can fill helium balloons.

That said, the floral department is where you’ll go to find a majority of the balloons and where Publix keeps the helium tank.

However, you should call your local store to verify that it fills up helium balloons since it varies by store depending on size and if it has a floral department.

Which Balloons Will Publix Fill With Helium?

Publix will fill both mylar and latex balloons with helium since those are the two materials that are safe to use with helium.

Further, if you’re not sure if the balloons are safe to fill with helium, it’ll often tell you whether helium can be used on the package if you purchased a pack of deflated balloons.

Additionally, if you’ve purchased the balloon in the store and have a receipt to show that, it will be free of charge to fill the balloon with helium.

However, you also can bring balloons purchased elsewhere, and Publix will fill them with helium for a small fee per balloon.

Where Can You Get Helium Balloons Filled in Publix?

Generally speaking, the floral department is where you need to go to get your helium balloons filled at Publix.

However, some stores may offer the service elsewhere if it doesn’t have a floral department or if the floral department is closed at the time.

Therefore, it’s best to call your local Publix or ask customer service where to go to fill helium balloons.

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