Does Rite Aid Have Western Union? (All You Need To Know)

Western Union allows you to send money internationally for pickup, as well as pick-up money sent to you. While you can do this online, various partners allow you to get the transferred money in cash.

With that said, finding a location for physical cash pick-up can be a bit difficult. You may be wondering if your local Rite Aid fits the bill. To find out, keep reading below!

Does Rite Aid Have Western Union In 2024?

At many locations, Rite Aid allows you to pick up money transferred through Western Union and a kiosk in 2024. Plus, you can also send money through Western Union at many locations as well. However, not all locations have these kiosks, so we recommend calling and asking before you go out to pick up your cash.

For more information on using Western Union at Rite Aid, like if you can receive and send money, keep reading!

Does Rite Aid have Western Union?

For over the last 20-years, Western Union has had a partnership with Rite Aid for a long time. Therefore, you can receive and send money via Western Union at Rite Aid.

Generally, this allows you to make transactions across over 200 countries and territories.

Furthermore, you can also purchase money orders and pay some of your bills (depending on whether the person you’re paying accepts Western Union).

If you need to transfer your money through Western Union, then you can take a trip to Rite Aid to do it.

However, be aware that certain restrictions might apply. Furthermore, you’ll need to pay any payments or fees that are associated with the transaction.

Can You Receive Money From Western Union at Walgreens?

You can receive money from Western Union at Walgreens. In some Rite Aid stores, you will find a stage-and-pay kiosk that allows you to transfer money domestically.

In some cases, you may be able to do it internationally as well.

However, not all Rite Aids have this function. Therefore, you should call your local Rite Aid before heading over there to receive cash.

While Rite Aid usually has a kiosk for you to use, this isn’t always the case.

Is Western Union Still Around?

Is Western Union Still Around? Rite Aid

Western Union is still around, and you can still transfer money internationally using it.

In fact, Western Union is the second-largest money transfer provider in the world, so it has connections to most countries and territories around the world.

Furthermore, there are several ways that you can use Western Union.

While you can use the services online, there are also several stores that partner with Western Union, allowing you to transfer money at these locations as well.

For instance, Rite Aid is one of these locations, allowing you to transfer money internationally and domestically.

You may be able to find other locations nearby that allows you to transfer money using Rite Aid as well.

In some cases, you may be able to call around and find a company or two that allows you to transfer money through Western Union.

Can You Pick up Western Union Anywhere?

You cannot pick up Western Union money transfers just anywhere. Instead, you have to find a location within the state that has a Western Union “agent.”

Generally, this isn’t an actual agent. Instead, it is a kiosk of some sort.

With that said, you can change the state of pickup by contacting Western Union. However, this usually won’t be necessary unless it was a mistake to begin with.

However, you can receive money at any Western Union location. Therefore, you just have to find a kiosk near you.

In many cases, Rite Aid allows you to transfer money, so you may want to call your local one to see if this service is accepted.

If it doesn’t, though, other pharmacy chains near you might.

If you need any help picking up your transfer, you can contact customer service at Western Union. In some cases, they may be able to help you pick up locations.

You can also use the find locations app online to find places near you.

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Rite Aid and Western Union have a partnership. For this reason, you can usually transfer money through Western Union at most Rite Aid locations.

However, not all Rite Aids fall into this category. For this reason, we do recommend calling and checking before you head out.

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